PayingPost pay you to write down your opinion about the products, services and web sites of other people’s on your blog

If you are looking for a new way to PayingPost pay you to write down your opinion about the products, services and web sites of other people’s on your blog. You can only get paid to blog during the billing period. No ads, just write your opinion. PayingPost, another Consumer Generated Advertising Network, released Beta 2.0 of its online advertise on blogs service. Payingpost was online since a few weeks but officially launched today. This website is focused on improving the quality of content for advertisers and bloggers. This website have introduced a variety of features that will allow our service to naturally improve itself and provide the best Web 2.0 advertising experience for both bloggers and advertisers.

Whether you provide web design services, business consulting or sell products online getting people to talk about your company is probably the best marketing technique available. Customers get bombarded with advertising in our society, often times reducing the overall efficiency of those campaigns and creating what is called ad-blindness. The result is that direct recommendations or feedback by real people like bloggers will create more value and visibility for your services or products.

Optimal results can be achieved if you communicate to the reviewing blog what sides of your business you are trying to promote, why the readers could be interested on your product and the like blog advertising. Popular blogs can generate tens of thousands of page views daily, and if they write an interesting review it is probable that a good percentage of their readership will check your product. Like it or not Google and other search engines rank your website based, among other things, on the number of incoming links and on the authority of the websites that are placing those links. Your company might have a website with the most comprehensive and detailed information about a certain topic, but unless people are linking to it you will have very small chances of appearing on the first results for important keywords related to that topic.

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Anonymous said...

ce ile sekarang mainnya ngereview, bisanya juga chting

Erik said...

Selamat ya..dah mulai nge review nih

Anonymous said...

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