Sedikit Panduan Tes Awal kanker leher rahim

Liquid based Preparation - Pap Smear adalah salah satu metode pada pemeriksaan Pap Smear dengan tingkat ketelitian lebih tinggi dengan pengambilan sampel liquid prep. Metode ini merupakan hasil dari penelitian lebih lanjut mengenai tata cara tes Pap Smear yang lebih akurat. Pemeriksaan Liquid Based Preparation Pap Smear ini biasanya di lakukan dengan tahapan-tahapan dari dokter spesialis kandungan (DSOG) / team medis sebagai berikut :

Concelling (konseling sebelum pemeriksaan)

Saat pertama kali datang, dokter spesialis kandungan (DSOG) / petugas medis akan melakukan konseling dan pengumpulan informasi kesehatan khususnya riawayat kesehatan ibu.

Perlengkapan Pap Smear (Disposable)

Pengambilan sample Pap Smear liquid prep menggunakan alat medis untuk menghindari penyakit-penyakit menular tertentu. Alat medis yang digunakan bersifat disposable, karena itu tingkat sanitarinya cukup tinggi dan hal ini memang diperlukan untuk hasil yang lebih akurat.

Pap Smear and Breast Examination

Disamping melakukan pemeriksaan Pap Smear pada saat yang bersamaan, dokter spesialis kandungan (DSOG) / team medis juga akan melakukan screening awal payudara untuk memeriksa kesehatan payudara.

Microscopic Result

Bahan Pap Smear diproses di laboratorium dan diperiksa secara mikroskopis. Tahap ini umunya akan memakan waktu sampai dengan 1 hari efektif.

Penetapan Diagnosis

Setelah menunggu 1 hari efektif, dokter spesialis kandungan (DSOG)/team medis akan melakuan penetapan diagnosis secara mikroskopis dilanjutkan dengan kesimpulan akhir. Dokter spesialis lalu memberikan nasehat - nasehat seputar kesehatan leher rahim dan memberikan pengobatan sesuai dengan kebutuhan bila diperlukan.

Bagi anda yang memutuskan untuk melakukan tes Pap Smear, ada beberapa hal yang perlu anda perhatikan untuk mendapatkan hasil yang lebih akurat. Dokter spesialis kandungan (DSOG)/team medis akan menganjurkan kepada anda untuk tidak berhubungan intim selama 2 x 24 jam, tidak memakai obat-obatan vagina selama 7 hari terakhir dan dianjurkan bagi mereka yang selesai haid agar menunggu sampai benar-benar bersih darah haidnya.

More about family health insurance policies

When you're young and in good health, you often live for the now. Some have the qualifications to find employment including health insurance in the compensation package, but most take what is available and let things drift until responsibilities come along. Then you start asking questions about what you want in the future. It starts with a partnership or marriage. It gets more urgent when children appear on the scene.

If you found a job with a health insurance package, you can usually add your new partner or spouse to the plan. The first issue is whether that plan gives all the cover you need. Should there be gaps, you buy top-up cover. Then as the family grows, does the plan include children and any other dependents? Overnight, you become experts in the detail of the employer's plan and carefully research what the private health insurance companies offer to give the additional cover.

If your job has no health plan, but one of you had the wisdom to begin a private health policy, it is usually possible to upgrade to a family policy. Because you have track record with a company, this is less of a hassle than finding a completely new company for the family.

If you're starting with no health cover, you will find there are major differences in the premiums quoted. Through sites like this, you get instant quotes from multiple health insurance companies. By using two or three sites like this, you can rapidly accumulate a daunting array of information about different policies and quoted prices. This makes choosing the right cover a real challenge. The first step is take a cold-blooded look at the family finances. This is not a time for sentimentality or blind hope. You need hard figures on what you can afford to pay not just now, but in the foreseeable future. Remember your credit score drops if you start a policy and then find you cannot afford the premiums.

The next step is to decide exactly who is to be included in the policy and what range of cover you want - just basic treatment options working up to long-term care insurance. Remember the larger the group and the wider the age range of the people to be included, the more the premium is likely to be. The more conditions, illnesses and injury possibilities you add, the more expensive the policy is likely to be. This drives you back to your financial calculations. The way to lower the premiums is to accept a higher deductible or copayments. But this needs a careful calculation. How much will you pay each year as self-insurance through the deductibles or expenses, against the saving in the annual premium. Weigh the benefits against foreseeable costs to make the right decision on which family health insurance policy to buy.

How many are uninsured?

In 2007, before we were hit by the credit crunch, the wave of foreclosures and the loss of jobs, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that 47m people have no health insurance. That's a rise of almost 5% as against the estimated number of uninsured made in 2005. So what does this actually mean? The results confirm that these people have no health insurance plan through their work (including the military) or union membership, and no access to federal or state programs including Medicare and Medicaid at any time during a twelve month period. This reflects a growing reality that the average employer no longer offers health insurance benefits. As a result, the statistics show 10.8% of whites, 15.5% of Asians, 20.5% of African -Americans, 34.1% of Hispanics were uninsured. It also confirms the sad reality that nearly 12% of children had no insurance in 2006. Now, ignoring the politics and focussing on the practical realities, there are two reactions. You can give up on the search for affordable health insurance and wait until the problem becomes sufficiently severe to justify treatment at your local emergency room. It is pointless making any judgemental comments about exposing yourself and others to the risk of more serious injury by delaying treatment. If the premiums demanded by the health insurance industry are always going to be outside your budget, this is not your fault. If anyone or anything is to blame, it is the political system that permits a for-profit system to operate in the health market. Once you introduce the profit motive into any service, costs rise to maintain or maximise profits. Numbers in the accounts maintained by the hospitals and insurance companies do not translate into the faces of the children who are denied treatment. Most CEOs sleep well at night. Alternatively, you can use this site and others like it to get comparative quotes. Then use every legitimate way of reducing the quoted premiums. Start with a family plan because the cost per individual member is usually less than the cost of one policy per family member. You should also look at term insurance. The rates are usually less than for equivalent cover under a permanent policy. This means spending time actually talking with the health insurance companies and their agents. Only when you talk to people and ask the right questions about discounts and the different types of plan and policy, do you begin to find something affordable. The more passive you are, the more impossible it becomes to get access to lower rates. As one of the middle class, you may come more easily to this process. But no matter what your background, you need to overcome your fears and start negotiating the best deal for your family. If this is too daunting, do not let pride get in the way. Ask at your local church or a charity for someone to help.

Losing weight without exercises

Many of us are trying to find ways of losing excessive weight fast and without much efforts. This article provides some helpful tips on how to lose weight without exhausting yourself with exercises. Sometimes people start out over big amounts of weight before setting out losing it. This article's intention is to tell people about the different ways in which they can lose excessive weight. Because all of those, struggling with exorbitant weight, want their lives normal back and are annoyed with staring at their reflection in the mirror and not seeing what they want to see. Essentially burning away fat is very easy. There are a lot of living proofs. You should eat 'poor' food. This suggests you have to stay away from foods with a high saturated fat concentration. This is all because the metabolism: the mechanism of fat burning finds it arduous to withstand saturated fat. You also have to drink warm drinks, not the cold ones. Warm drinks are heating up the body, which assists in losing fat. In this case fat is withdrawn in form of sweat. This procedure is best done with a morning cup of coffee on the account of the fact that the caffeine will as well put the body in condition which burns fat. Also remember to have a cold drink occasionally. Of course, this runs counter the aforesaid, but the body also consumes calories, by calefaction of the cold liquid in the body up to its temperature. This will help you in losing your weight as well. In the last instance, you have to sleep for as long as you are able. This is required because while you are sleeping your body is burning calories all the time because it is in a catabolic state. As a consequence the body begins to panic and is trying to find a source of energy that after all turns out to be the fat. So, as a result, fat is being burned away. You can also take phentermine HCL. It will help you reduce the amount of food you eat. It simply works by helping to free some chemicals concentrated in the brain which control your appetite. So, this should also help losing fat. In case you hold onto this you must lose weight at a constant rate.

What is your Leg worth to you? Health Insurance has got you covered!

If you think that health insurance is unnecessary and too costly to find and fit into your lifestyle right now, think again. All too often people think that they don't need health insurance.

They believe that they are healthy and will just get it "later". What if there is an accident, though? Imagine you are going on a snowboarding trip and break your leg; you go to the hospital and can't afford the medical services. Do you pay for it out of pocket and go into debt? You have no choice-you have no insurance. With health insurance, you don't have to worry.

You just show your insurance card and pay the minimal co-payment fee at the emergency room and have nothing but a great story to tell your friends about how you broke your leg. It pays to simply pay the monthly rates of your health insurance. While you may never have to use it for medical emergencies like a broken leg, there is always the possibility that you will have to use it and if you do, imagine the breath of fresh air you'll breathe knowing that you are paying the lowest possible rate you can for the medical benefits and costs you need.

Enjoy sleeping soundly knowing that you are covered with your cheap health insurance plan.

Health insurance from your employer's point of view

There has been a sad trend since the turn of this century. health insurance costs have been rising so fast that even large sections of the middle class now find it a struggle, if not impossible, to pay the premiums demanded by the insurers for private plans. The fact is that, although in the last one or two years, there have been some increases in average take-home pay, these increases have not kept pace with inflation. People today are more poor than they were ten years ago. For a time, people compensated by using their credit cards and borrowing against the positive housing equity on their homes. With the bursting of the housing bubble and the credit crunch, people must now confront the size of the debt they carry. Articles like this are not supposed to feel sorry for employers. They are the ones who take our work, pay us as little possible and buy big houses to live in. Sometimes, we only put up with this exploitation because of the health plans some offer as part of the compensation package. But they have also been feeling the strain.

Statistics show that, in the period 2000-2007, there was an average 80% increase in the premiums payable by employers for the health plan offered to their employees. As a cost, this has increased five times faster than the cost of wages and salaries. Because consumers have come to expect that prices will not rise, it has not been possible to pass these increased costs on in the wholesale and retail prices. The result has been a reduction in the profits earned by the employers. Hence, wages have not risen fast enough to keep pace with inflation.

This has real significance for the future health of the nation. Slightly more than 30% of the workforce is less than 30 years old and the majority of them are not insured. This because more employers have given up the unequal struggle to keep up a health plan for new employees, and more younger people who still have their health do not see it as a priority to use more and more of their take-home pay to fund private health insurance. They feel they are paying against the risk of sickness that might never come. This has an unfortunate knock-on effect. Health insurance distributes the risk so that the fit and health subsidize those who fall sick. If too many of the healthy refuse cover, the cost must be born by the older population more likely to make claims. This forces the premiums to rise. It would be better if everyone had a policy because this spreads the costs and keeps everyone's payments low. You can make a start by using sites like this to find the cheapest possible policy, but nothing will change unless government policy changes.

Propecia - the Hair Loss Recovery Drug

There are many men out there wishing their loss could be stopped and reversed. Propecia is a great solution to the problem of hair loss and it really helps restore the hair on your head.

It is not news lots of men lose hair. Fortunately for them, there is a treatment that will definitely improve the situation for the better. This drug is called - Propecia.

Order Propecia - it is a prescription medicine that has been licensed for the cure of the problem regarding male pattern baldness. Women and children are not recommended to use it order Propecia.

Hair loss factors

There are a few causes that could lead to hair loss for men and women.

  • Genetics -- genetic baldness (baldness that "runs in the family") is usually due to the male pattern baldness gene.

  • Hormones -- many different hormones, including testosterone and thyroid hormone, have an effect on hair loss.

  • Medications -- hair loss is a common side effect of many medications.

  • Cancer treatment -- chemotherapy and radiation can cause hair loss.

  • Infections - there are some temporary infections can cause hair loss.

  • Pregnancy - it is common to start losing hair after giving birth.

How Propecia Works

Propecia works by blocking the enzyme Type II 5alpha-reductase. This enzyme is responsible for converting the male hormone testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is the hormone most related to male pattern baldness. By decreasing DHT levels, Propecia helps to stop hair loss related to male pattern baldness. Propecia is not a savior for baldness, and hair loss is known to return within a year of stopping Propecia. So if you want to "keep it" on your head - advice your doctor about the use of the drug for a long period of time.

Propecia and Kids

Most of the time doctors do not advice parents to treat their kids with Propecia. They warn the latter about the risks and affection of certain hormones. The drug might not be worth the trouble gotten later on.

Order Propecia

If you don't have enough time to run around the pharmacies looking for a good deal on Propecia, there are many online pharmacy stores that could save you time and provide you with the same service. The major thing here is to find a good trustworthy online store. Mainly patients stay satisfied with this type of option.

Tetaplah Bergerak Maju

Tetaplah bergerak maju, sekalipun lambat. Karena dalam keadaan tetap bergerak, anda menciptakan kemajuan. Adalah jauh lebih baik bergerak maju, sekalipun pelan, daripada tidak bergerak sama sekali.

Dalam hidup kita sering merasa buntu hanya karena kita ingin mengambil satu langkah yang terlalu besar, langkah raksasa. Akibatnya, masalah kita jadi terlihat besar sekali, kompleks dan tak terselesaikan. Hasilnya, anda hanya termenung dan tidak bergerak.

Sabar dan coba mundur sebentar. Perhatikan tantangan anda.Tidakkah lebih memungkinkan bagi anda untuk mengambil langkah-langkah pendek terus menerus, ketimbang berusaha menelan semua masalah sekaligus. Satu langkah kecil demi satu langkah kecil, asalkan anda tidak berhenti, adalah cukup, karena anda masih memiliki hari esok dan masih ingin bergerak maju. Dan bukan berhenti.

Comparing policies saves you dollars

This last few months has seen all the prices of basic necessities rise. As jobs have come under pressure, the purchasing power of the average household has dropped. Nowhere has the family budget come under greater pressure than with health insurance. All too often, the premiums have been raised (again). This forces yet another tense discussion. Are families to gamble with the health of their children or can other savings be found?

Sad to say, this discussion is no longer restricted to low-income families. A significant number of middle class families are also being forced to make ever more difficult decisions. Decisions to delay diagnosis and treatment until the sickness can be classed as an emergency and justify a hospital visit. If people are to stay insured, they must accept the best terms they can afford. Fortunately, online sites such as this allow people to get comparative information from multiple health insurance companies.Making the choice from the maximum possible number of quotes gives the best chance of savings. So how should you approach this task?

  1. Before you start, write down a list of all the features you would like to see in your ideal policy. This gives you a shopping list to price as you go along. It will almost certainly be too expensive, but it gives you a good starting point.

  2. Always compare quotes on like-for-like policies. If you use several sites to get the maximum spread of quotes, keep notes to ensure you use the same basic set of information about the policy you are seeking, the level of deductibles accepted, and so on.

  3. Never make a decision purely on the premium quoted. Although this is the headline you see first, the devil is in the detail of each policy. You have to be determined and read through all the terms (even the small print). It's vital that you get a clear picture of what is included and excluded, and see what conditions you have to fulfil to make a claim. Even more important is whether you have a right to renew the policy if you make a claim or you are found to have a disorder or disease that is going to be expensive to treat. There is nothing more devastating than to be diagnosed with a chronic illness and then find your insurance premium hiked up to unaffordable levels or renewal declined.

  4. If there is anything you do not understand, ask an agent. Before you accept a quote, insurance companies are helpful and explain things. If you delay asking until you make a claim, this only leads to disappointment and dispute. Take the decision to buy on the basis of the best available information.

By following this simple set of rules, you're taking more positive control of your future, and there's nothing more important than health to give you peace of mind.

Overweight and a smoker - WOW! Are you in trouble!

According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2001 to 2004, about two-thirds of adults in the U.S. are overweight and almost one-third are obese. If this were to continue, everyone in the U.S. could be overweight in forty years time. Some groups are already heading in that direction. For example, 80% of African-American women are overweight. Some 90% of Mexican-American men could be overweight in 25 years time. But there will probably be one or two people who resist the lure of the land of plenty and stay thin. We'll probably never actually get to 100%. Whoopee!

Why should this matter? Well, there's a proven link between being overweight and life-shortening conditions such as stroke, congestive heart failure, cancer and osteoarthritis. It would be fair to say that life insurance companies get very interested when you start talking about behavioral risk factors and mortality rates. Now add in the fact that overweight women who smoke are five times more likely to die young than non-smokers.

So the life insurance companies have produced a type of list. They classify people according to their risk of dying. If you're a "super preferred" you're disgustingly healthy with no bad habits. You're going to live decades longer than anyone else so you get the lowest premiums. But if you're only "preferred", the premiums have started to rise because you have a shorter life expectancy. The average U.S. life pays the "standard" rate. And then come all the others with depressing titles suggesting you may die tomorrow.

How does this affect you? Well, your premiums will be high if you are overweight. The rates will rise further if you have high blood pressure or high levels of cholesterol. If there's a family history of cancer, stroke, heart disease or anything else dealing out death, more increases. And then some companies double the rate if you're a smoker.

What should you do? Well, never lie about it. That gives life insurance companies the right to cancel the policy. The companies want real evidence that you're prepared to change your lifestyle. Obviously, you can't do anything about your family history, but you can quit smoking and lose weight. Make regular visits with your local health provider and have blood tests to show improving levels of cholesterol and lipids, keep records of falling blood pressure, etc. With evidence of continuing motivation for better health, you can resubmit your application for a life policy and negotiate a premium reduction.

How to get rid of stomach fat fast?

If you are troubled by the excessive fat amounts in your stomach area you have probably thought of ways to eliminate it effectively. Here are some useful tips on how to get in shape fast.

The comes a time that is known by different names like reserve tire, gut, pot belly, or any other way people call - it will simply mean the unpleasant grown area in the stomach, the surplus fold of fat that is always tried to be lost when people turn to look as if they would have thrust a bunch of donuts under their t-shirt.

Luckily, a lot of people have successfully struggled with the stomach fat and achieved six pack abdominals. And here you've got some tips you can start with in losing stomach fat effectively. Begin with losing your weight. A lot of people get frustrated when they aren't seeing any progress, though they have already started to enjoy the crunches. At first you have to lose those few pounds that are excess of overall body fat. Otherwise, you won't see any result of your crunches with the layer of fat overlaying your stomach.

Your abdominal muscles would not show until the pad of stomach fat is precluded or reduced, for the muscles are underneath that fat. You will gain more effect if you pair weights with cardio. It will help you speed up your body's metabolism and to burn more energy. With weights you will start building more muscle. It also is more effectual in burning fat.

You can start taking phentermine HCL, but remember to consult with your doctor first. An active component of fat burning is muscles. The fat stored in your stomach might be consumed for energy provision, even when you are asleep. It's all because muscles demand energy to work. And phentermine will help your muscles to burn more fat.

Lastly, pay attention to what you eat. Exercise isn't the only solution, if you want to lose stomach fat the healthy way. Take often but smaller meals everyday to keep your metabolism going and to provide the body with all the energy needed. Starvation isn't the way that will help. The body frequently turns to muscle stock when starving. Moreover, the body actually breaks down the muscles and degrades before using own fats, when in starvation. You don't want this if your aim is to obtain those abs you've attained in decreasing them.

Trade Show Displays

Try flipping through the pages of a design annual that is only a year of two old. It will impress you how quickly trends and styles change. Messaging and images that were relevant just a short while ago seem stale today and you would not consider running a tired concept in your print advertising. It’s probably time to refresh the look and likely the messaging of your trade show displays, banner stand graphics, roll up displays and tradeshow banners relating to your trade show marketing materials.

Your trade show booth should present your company and your products and services in the best light to trade show attendees with fresh, current messaging. Cutting edge, relevant, and well thought out trade show booths with stunning graphics, banner stands, product display stands, kiosks and literature racks invite visitors to learn more about your company. At a trade show you are literally placed head to head against your competition. They may be conveniently located only a few display booths away.

Your organization's commitment to quality and service should be reflected in your trade show booth. Take an honest look at your display. Though tradeshows only happen a few times a year, it is important to stay competitive. We can design everything from standard-size trade show exhibits to custom truss exhibit booths and modular trade show exhibits and ship them anywhere. Because most portable display truss is built in a modular fashion using easy to connect parts the display you design initially may be changed for future use.

Floor mats are not always made to strict quality standards. They can often get worn out in a matter of months, fraying at the edges and sporting deep wear spots under your heel. The good news is that they are easy to replace. The even better news is that there are many quality manufacturers out there who know how to make a floor mat out of high quality nylon that can withstand the abuse. Available options include replacements, custom logo floor mats, super plush carpeted floor mats and even some high quality rubber floor mats. Replacements are usually the entry level, mid-grade floor mat. They are a no-frills, get the job done floor mat. Logo floor mats are usually made from higher quality fabrics than your mats, providing you with a more durable mat that adds a customized touch to your interior.

Seputar Mobil Keprisidenan Obama

lama gk posting...akhirnya bisa post di sela mata ngantuk, mana besok harus back to banten, tapi fat coba sempetin post...kali ini fat pengen posting tentang otomitif yaitu membahas Seputar Mobil Kepresidenan Obama, pada tw kan sapa itu obama?
Mobil kepresidenan Barack Obama yang selama ini menjadi penantian pemerhati otomotif dunia, akhirnya tampil perdana pada hari inagurasi Selasa 20 Januari 2009.

Adalah Cadillac One, produk keluaran General Motors (GM) Cadillac yang didesain khusus melindungi orang nomor satu AS tersebut dalam kegiatan dinasnya sehari-hari.

Limousine yang biasa disebut The Beast ini memiliki spesifikasi khusus layaknya tank perang guna melindungi nyawa Obama. Meski Secret Service AS pada awalnya tidak melansir detail Cadillac One kepada publik dengan alasan keamanan, namun akhirnya terkuak juga ke masyarakat. Seperti apa kelebihannya? Berikut gambarannya:

Dipersenjatai dengan rangka truk berukuran medium serta diperkuat dengan kevlar dan logam setebal 5 inch di bawah mobil yang tahan bom dan granat.

Perpaduan eksterior Cadillac STS and DTS. Dibuat dari baja hardened, titanium, aluminium dan dilapis keramik untuk menahan serangan peluru penembus metal.

Berlapis baja tahan peluru setebal 8 inch dan memiliki berat sama dengan pintu pesawat Boeing 757. Pintu pengemudi tahan peluru penembus metal (armor-piercing bullets) dan hanya bisa dibuka maksimum selebar 3 inch demi alasan keamanan, dan memudahkan sopir untuk membayar karcis tol atau berbicara dengan pengawal kepresidenan di sebelahnya.

Ditraining khusus oleh CIA dalam menghadapi situasi keamanan segenting apapun.
Ruang pengemudi
Standar, tapi dashboard dilengkapi pelacak GPS dan pusat komunikasi.

Ruang belakang
Berkapasitas 4 orang dengan partisi kaca tahan peluru. Hanya Obama yang punya switch pembukanya. Ukuran jendela lebih luas dari mobil kepresidenan sebelumnya. Punya "Panic Button" seandainya ada masalah keamanan.

Teknologi Informasi
Dilengkapi komputer dengan akses Wi-Fi, telepon satelit yang punya koneksi sambungan langsung ke Wakil Presiden dan Pentagon.

Tangki Bensin
Dilengkapi dengan lapisan penahan benturan dan busa spesial yang dapat mencegah meledaknya tangki, meskipun mendapat benturan dan tembakan langsung.

Diperkuat dengan kevlar, tahan sobek dan pecah, dengan penguat baja. Memungkinkan mobil berlari dalam kecepatan penuh, dalam kondisi ban apapun.

Bagasi dilengkapi tabung oksigen dan pemadam kebakaran.

Peralatan pertahanan
Dilengkapi dengan shotgun, night-vision, dan kanon gas air mata. Ada satu tabung berisi darah Presiden, seandainya membutuhkan transfusi darah darurat.

Bendera AS dan Kepresidenan terdapat pada fender depan dengan fitur LED guna menyoroti bendera di malam hari.

Mesin & Konsumsi Bahan Bakar
Mesin 6500cc diesel. Kecepatan maksimum 60 mil/jam (96 km/jam).
Konsumsi bahan bakar sekitar 8 mil per galon. (rm/beritatpm)

nah ada yang tw gk spesifikasi mobil presiden kita?

How Can I Make Money Online

There are many ways to make money online quickly. I'll list a few of the most common ways. You could sell products on an auction site. This is probably what most people think of when you talk about an online business. This is a good way to make money, but there are some things you have to be aware of.

Selling on an auction site is by no means a sure thing. Your item may not sell and you won't get back your listing fee if it doesn't. You also need a source to provide a steady stream of products to sell.

Another very popular way to make money online quickly is with paid survey sites. There are several ways these sites work, one type involves you completing various offers. Some of the offers are free, some you will have to pay for. You can make money almost immediately on some of these sites.

The downside to survey sites, though, is that you probably won't ever make a full time income. This is a better idea is you only want to make a few hundred dollars a month.

To really make money online quickly.., a full time income, I recommend affiliate marketing. This is simply when you sell someone else's products for a commission. Most affiliate marketing marketplaces will give you a free replicated website when you sign up to promote a certain product. That means you can have a website to send people to and a product to promote and it's all absolutely free.

As you can see these are extremely big companies and pay well as affiliates. After a month they give 10 more spots for affiliates and this then increases your income even more. World Market Systems also offer a wide range of support both in how to run your site also how best to advertise.

These are all good ways to make money online quickly. But no matter what method you choose there is one important factor you can't forget: marketing. No matter how great your product or service you need a steady stream of qualified customers or you won't make any money. Even if you have the absolute best website in the world, you won't make any money without customers who are eager to buy your products

I know this probably sounds obvious, but you'd be surprised by the number of people who think they can just put a website online and the customers will magically appear. Marketing online isn't hard, as a matter of fact; World Market Systems also offer a wide range of support both in how to run your site also how best to advertise. There are also very effective free methods you can use to generate a steady stream of customers.

I hope this brief overview helped give you a better idea of how to make money online quickly. No matter what type of business you choose, don't forget to take the time to educate yourself on Internet marketing. You need customers to make money and marketing is the way you'll get them!

Find The Best Online Casino

Online Casino is not something new to most Internet surfers. For some, even have a way to keep the self-gambling or entertainment while in the confines of their home or office cubicles boring. Casino game online is very much like land-based casino games with one exception, you do not need to play face to face with the opponent or the dealer.

There are two players online personas; one is the players who want to get the money, and others who simply want to enjoy. If you are under the last category, you can find free online casino games that will not make you join through your credit card number. Most of the site's poker room and you will undoubtedly have hours of fun without losing cent.

However, if you place yourself in the first category, then you should be ready with your credit card to join Online Casino. To find the best Casinos and online games will be played, you can become a member online casino directory. This online directory not only provides access to the best related when joining online Casino, you also provide information about events happening in the largest online gaming community.

Because you will play with the hard earned money, but it is natural to try and find the sweetest deals online. Most online Casinos will only give perks to join one of their games, some even provide the power play double the amount of your initial deposit as soon as you join.

The best Online Casino for most games is that they have the highest chance of winning without worrying about losing money. Such as land-based games, virtual games have a set of rules that you can abuse to your advantage.

Payday Loan For Emergencies

If you are not prepared for financial emergencies, you are not alone. Most one-and two-income households do not have the resources saved to protect themselves in an emergency! There are many different types of financial emergencies that require quick action. Fortunately, there is help available!

Some people will not see a simple auto breakdown as an emergency, but for those who are unprepared, this can be a big crisis. They will not only face the cost of auto repairs, but also the cost of lost income can not get to where they employ! A small balloned situation that suddenly became an emergency!

Back on a monthly utility? It does not matter to some, but for those who only a short time from Payday Loan, the costs to pay for the electricity back to far outweigh the cost of most payday loans. So, why not just kite a check? Now you will have the possibility to check the strong mentally and have to pay for the cost (usually very high). It is also illegal!

We all have ideas about what we own, which is an emergency. Some will consider a short holiday as an emergency! For that they in fact an emergency! Most Payday Loan companies will not even ask what you want for the money! Is up to you to use the results of your payday loan wisely!

Payday loans small short term loans that do not require any security or collateral. This is only based on the borrower's financial situation at this time. A Payday Loan borrower must qualify for a loan as a lender to offer loans to those who get a monthly income of £ 800 with a regular job. In addition, customers must have active bank account that has been opened at least ninety days back.

Before you post on the judgment of others may be considered an emergency, see the mind and see only that which will cause an emergency financial crisis in your own circumstances, you may be quite surprised!

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Online gambling has became one of the greatest pastimes in the world today. Online gambling has became a phenomenon the likes of which the world has never see. If you are a beginner, then all this may sound like a lot of something you have no contact with, a world in which you do not belong. Once you decide that you wish to gamble, then there is a questions that you need to ask yourself. If there is a game that you are interested in, or that you are especially proficient at, is where to gamble? There are the online casinos, where you can play all the great games that you know and love from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

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Any Established Web Hosting Provider Can Host Thousands Of Websites

Even for the layman, it is important to understand the concept of Web Hosting. Visit the web site displays a web page that is downloaded from the web server to web users. Generally, the website consists of many web pages and web pages consist of text and images. Now this page is then stored and available for visitors on the web server.

So for the people if he is to have its own meaning is a web site, then the first step will be in debt so that the host provider host web sites on the server. Immediately after this online website on the server, online users can access the website via the internet. All this work is the provision of facilities hosted service called web hosting providers.

Any established Web Hosting provider can host thousands of websites and even an example, For this reason only the needs of the company hosting this large number of web servers to store Web sites. After that all web servers connected to the Internet and stored in the center of the physical data center. As a web server should be fully operational all the time so that the data center that is made completely safe after the 24 / 7 environment and are given protection from fire, HVAC temperature control, virus detections, computer data backup, redundant power backup and complete disaster recovery capabilities.

Now with increased competition from the abundant market vendors who sell their services with a very low price. Because of this and other factors, such as even a few Web Hosting providers to provide their own toll free number to the reseller for their co-branded technical support, the decision to make this more difficult is to choose the right option.

So more important to act wisely and not interested in the marketing techniques used by professional outlook as a reseller of their web sites and other strategies such as technical support in proving their own is actually the name given by the provider and not by them, but they tend to present in such a way that those who provide support.

Distinguish between the general features and reseller hosting company is hosting the first-price and company information including both balance sheet example companies get the information published in which they mention their financial strength, and their offices are equipped with data centers. As a reseller of this lack of assets for this and what their general price quote below is $ 5 per month, while service costs between $ 7 and $ 10.

Thus considering all the facts can be easily concluded that because of differences of dollars a few minutes should not get fleeced on the web from a reseller, and must go to the best facilities, not to get sexual harassment after it.

Tetap Berpikir Positif...

Semua dimulai dari impianku. Aku ingin
menjadi astronot. Aku ingin terbang ke luar angkasa.
Tetapi aku tidak memiliki sesuatu yang tepat.
Aku tidak memiliki gelar. Dan aku bukan
seorang pilot. Namun, sesuatu pun terjadilah.

Gedung Putih mengumumkan mencari warga biasa untuk
ikut dalam penerbangan 51-L pesawat
ulang-alik Challanger. Dan warga itu adalah
seorang guru. Aku warga biasa, dan aku
seorang guru. Hari itu juga aku mengirimkan surat
lamaran ke Washington. Setiap hari aku berlari ke
kotak pos. Akhirnya datanglah amplop resmi
berlogo NASA. Doaku terkabulkan. Aku lolos
penyisihan pertama. Ini benar-benar terjadi padaku.

Selama beberapa minggu berikutnya,
perwujudan impianku semakin dekat saat NASA
mengadakan test fisik dan mental.
Begitu test selesai, aku menunggu dan berdoa lagi.
Aku tahu aku semakin dekat pada impianku.
Beberapa waktu kemudian, aku menerima panggilan
untuk mengikuti program latihan astronot khusus di
Kennedy Space Center.

Dari 43.000 pelamar, kemudian 10.000 orang,
dan kini aku menjadi bagian dari 100 orang yang
berkumpul untuk penilaian akhir. Ada simulator,
uji klaustrofobi, latihan ketangkasan,
percobaan mabuk udara. Siapakah di antara kami yang
bisa melewati ujian akhir ini ?

Tuhan, biarlah diriku yang terpilih,
begitu aku berdoa. Lalu tibalah berita yang
menghancurkan itu. NASA memilih orang lain yaitu
Christina McAufliffe. Aku kalah.
Impian hidupku hancur. Aku mengalami depresi.
Rasa percaya diriku lenyap, dan amarah
menggantikan kebahagiaanku.
Aku mempertanyakan semuanya. Kenapa Tuhan?
Kenapa bukan aku?

Bagian diriku yang mana yang kurang? Mengapa aku
diperlakukan kejam ?

Aku berpaling pada ayahku. Katanya: "Semua terjadi
karena suatu alasan."

Selasa, 28 Januari 1986, aku berkumpul bersama
teman-teman untuk melihat peluncuran Challanger.
Saat pesawat itu melewati menara landasan pacu,
aku menantang impianku untuk terakhir kali.
Tuhan, aku bersedia melakukan apa saja agar berada
di dalam pesawat itu. Kenapa bukan aku? Tujuh puluh
tiga detik kemudian, Tuhan menjawab semua
pertanyaanku dan menghapus semua keraguanku saat
Challanger meledak, dan menewaskan semua penumpang.

Aku teringat kata-kata ayahku: "Semua terjadi
karena suatu alasan." Aku tidak terpilih dalam
penerbangan itu, walaupun aku sangat
menginginkannya karena Tuhan memiliki alasan lain
untuk kehadiranku di bumi ini. Aku memiliki misi
lain dalam hidup. Aku tidak kalah; aku seorang
pemenang.... Aku menang karena aku telah kalah.
Aku, Frank Slazak, masih hidup untuk bersyukur
pada Tuhan karena tidak semua doaku dikabulkan.

Tuhan mengabulkan doa kita dengan 3 cara:

1. Apabila Tuhan mengatakan YA.
Maka kita akan mendapatkan apa yang kita minta.
2. Apabila Tuhan mengatakan TIDAK.
Maka mungkin kita akan mendapatkan yang lain yang
lebih sesuai untuk kita.
3. Apabila Tuhan mengatakan TUNGGU.
Maka mungkin kita akan mendapatkan yang terbaik
sesuai dengan kehendakNYA.

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Find the Website that Offers DirecTV Deals

While cable is available for 98 percent of the homes in the country, there is no place that DirecTV cannot get reception from. Given the scope of the nation that’s a lot of ground that DirecTV can cover while cable cannot. It gives it a decisive edge above cable as well as many other satellite television networks. Not only that, but installation is fast and easy. In fact, most of the deals that will be discussed here include free delivery and installation, which means you won’t have to worry about setting up the system, the satellite, and wiring in your home. The service is kept up to date by offering new channels in HD quality all day every day, which means if you have an HD television, you can enjoy the crisp picture quality it offers on many popular satellite television stations that DirecTV has to offer.

As football season has kicked off, one of the most popular Direct TV deals out is centered on the NFL Sunday Ticket. With this service, you can watch every NFL game played on DirecTV. That’s up to 14 games every Sunday, and you’ll never have to miss your favorite team play. By signing up for the NFL Sunday Ticket, you’ll get four months of DirecTV’s best television package for free. This package includes over 250 digital channels, including over 30 movie channels. It’s perfect for everyone in the household, and even comes with a number of other electronic devices in the package as well.

DirecTV generally offers deals like the one just mentioned on a seasonal basis. Others you may encounter in the future will offer movie channels, extra programming, and HD upgrades for free or drastically discounted prices. In addition to this, DirecTV offers a number of base packages that can be found at a special deal through third parties or straight from the DirecTV website. These base packages include standard satellite programming, upgraded channel selections that include movies (often in packages such as HBO, Cinemax, or Starz), or upgrades for DVR or HD services. The latter offers are extremely popular for those customers taking advantage of the new HD technologies. Through websites such as, you can find these basic packages for about five dollars less than what you may pay on the DirecTV site. These little deals always add up in the end.

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Emergencies? What emergencies?

Well, the good news is that you do have a health insurance plan. So many people today are finding it too difficult to keep their insurance in place. The bad news is that it may still be difficult to get treatment. Huh? Well, accidents and sickness don't always strike at the most convenient times. Because there's a shortage of physicians prepared to work in general practice, it's often difficult to get a same or next day appointment. Worse, getting access to your physician at night or over the weekend can be next to impossible. Too many prefer working conventional office hours and will not offer a service "out of hours". Very few offer any kind of telephone advice service to cover the gap.

This leaves you with self-treatment (not always so reliable) or one of the alternatives. Starting in drugstores and now spreading, there are a new run of walk-in retail clinics staffed by nurse practitioners. These are open 24/7 and offer basic treatment for non-threatening conditions for a set fee. An increasing number of health insurance companies cover visits to these clinics for a modest copayment. Check out the wording on your policy. If your injuries or sickness are more serious, you can try one of the urgent-care centers/clinics. These are staffed by physicians but their opening times are limited to nights and weekends. They are not open 24/7! But, as with the retail clinics, more health insurance companies will cover a visit for a copayment.

Why is the emergency room the last on this list? Well there are two main reasons. The first is that waiting times are growing ever longer in hospitals as more people head in there for treatment. If this is not a major emergency, you will get treatment faster in an urgent-care center. More importantly, the copayments required in a hospital tend to start at $100 and go up. Big warning: if you go to an emergency room and your health insurer does not classify your problem as an emergency, you have to pay the whole bill for treatment. So what are emergencies? If the injury is acute or the sickness serious, there is unlikely to be a problem.

It is always better to be safe than sorry. But it's not an emergency if you have a throat infection or your chest is wheezing. Minor skin problems, bug bites or problems in sleeping will not be covered. If you do have a chronic condition, the symptoms must have significantly worsened if this is to be an emergency. It's almost impossible to count having a prescription refilled as an emergency. You can always learn more about health insurance features and get online quotes in the internet.

Pay more, get less! What’s going on with health insurance?

Just when it seems as though you can make ends meet, health insurance costs increase again. A growing percentage of every paycheck is going on health and, for the most part, you're getting less for your dollars. The result? Every month, more people give up on rising premiums and drop into the ranks of the uninsured. Worse, if big bills hit, people face personal bankruptcy. This was mostly affecting low-income working families and those with constant conditions requiring more continuous treatment like diabetes or depression. Now, it's starting to bite the middle class. Employers are also feeling the pinch and more companies are dropping medical cover or reducing the benefits packages, and introducing wellness programs with teeth.

This combination is placing a growing burden on taxpayers who fund Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program. Why is this happening? Well, let's come down to a short list. The economy is not in great shape. The population is ageing and, as people get older, more goes wrong with their bodies. New technology is producing new treatments but that is often more expensive. The pharmaceutical industry keeps raising prices to maintain its profitability. Put all the causes together and you have a broken system. The real problems start with the "entitlement" trap. Because people pay their health insurance premiums out of their own pockets, they feel they're entitled to get all the medical care they like.

This leads to a significant amount of waste as health providers supply expensive services on demand regardless whether those services are needed. Mostly, the providers are driven by the need to make profits to keep their investors happy, and not by the patients' needs. This makes general medical care unaffordable and shifts ever more of the costs on to the insurance companies and the tax payers. Health insurance premiums therefore go up.

The Republican approach is to reduce taxes which makes funding public health provision more difficult. When people are uninsured, they wait longer to see a physician or go to an emergency room when their conditions have worsened. What could have been treated early on for less money suddenly becomes a bigger bill as costs are higher in emergency rooms. Why are costs higher? Because a significant proportion of patients cannot pay. The hospitals costs therefore have to be recovered from those who have the money or still carry health insurance. The moral of this story is for political parties to have the will to fix the problems.

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Forex Currency Trading

Foreign exchange market, commonly known as the Forex market, now the principal financial market in the world. Forex market trading is the currency in almost everywhere in the world are trading the currency in which to each other. Forex market is even more than the Equity and Treasury markets around the world. Forex market can be explained in terms of capital, this is to say that the place where money is one of the country for other traders are basically known as the Forex.

However, the most complicated problem is that to this day, there is no one central place or exchange facilities in the Forex market in which every person can exchange the currency they want. All currency trading is done with either online or over the phone in Forex currency trading market. Forex currency trading is done online through a large network, which in relation to all the principal participants Forex strategy system, such as banks, government, financial institutions large, currency traders and Forex brokers. With the revolution that has taken form in the electronic economy, online currency trading Forex has started to offer many services to all the traders and brokers of currencies around the world.

Today, Forex strategy system such as that anyone who has access to the Internet can easily enter into the business of currency trading Forex. However, this does not mean to say that every person without a basic knowledge of Forex strategy system can be blindly jump into the Forex game. To become a Forex trader, one must have a good amount of knowledge and all the necessary bits of information about strategies Forex system, Forex trading signals, Forex alerts, Forex signals, Forex trading strategy, and the entire currency trading Forex.

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However, if you really want to earn a living from Forex currency trading, the best thing that may think will make the Forex training. Such as courses that are available and actually helpful in training students in the Forex trading strategies, Forex currency trading, Forex trading signals, strategies Forex system, Forex Forex signals and warnings.

Mohon Doa Dan Donasinya

" Anakku,…
Percayalah nak…
Sepi dan ranamu adalah sebagian duka bunda
Percayalah nak…
Engkau adalah selalu menjadi belahan nyawa bunda…"

Melihat tubuh mungil ini pasti buat kita ingin selalu mendekapnya, si mungil yang suka buat kita tertawa, dan menangis.

Si mungil yang buat kita lupa akan letih, yang membuat kita selalu semangat untuk terus berusaha memberikan yang terbaik. Tapi bagaimana jika sekecil ini sakit, orang tua mana yang tak sedih? Begitu pula yang kini sedang di alami oleh si kecil ALIFYA FATHIYA NAHAR binti Sagiman, Di usianya yang masih 40 hari harus mengidap penyakit ISPA.

Alifya adalah keponakan dari teman kita ragil, si mungil kini membutuhkan pengobatan intensif, untuk itu sebagai solidaritas kami sesama teman blogger bermaksud memohon batuan dan doa untuk kesembuhan si mungil Alfya untuk meringankan beban kedua orang tua dan keluarganya, donasi bisa teman - teman salurkan ke alamat dibawah ini :

  1. BCA, dengan no rek : 7850269739 a/n Sugeng Setyawan
  2. BNI, dengan no rek : 0018719298 a/n EKA WAHYU HIDAYAT
  3. Paypal: (a/n Teguh Tri Susilo)

Sebelum dan sesudahnya kami mengucapkan terima kasih atas donasi yang teman - teman berikan untuk si mungil ini, semoga amal ibadahnya di lipat gandakan oleh Yang Maha Esa, Amin

Permen Pengganti Mata Uang

Sebel dech kalo belanja di Minimarket atau Supermarket, kalo kembalian gk ada renceh pasti dikembaliinnya permen, kayak semalem belanja di alfamart harusnya kembalinya Rp. 24.300, tapi yang di kembaliin nya cuma Rp. 24.000 yang 300nya di kasih peremen.

Doh, kalo gtu terus bisa bangkrut nih kantong ma dompet, bukannya mo perhitungan walaupun cuma 300 rupiah tetep aja duitkan, dengan uang 300 kita bisa kasih ke kotak amal, anak jalan atau pengemis.

Apa bener mata uang Indonesia sudah tergantikan posisinya sama peremen?

Gubrak......bisa hujan permen nih negara, apa jadinya negeri ini kalo transaksinya tergantikan oleh permen? oh....No

Kalo menurut kalian gimana?setuju dengan adanya permen sebagai pengganti mata uang?

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If you are a player who is familiar with every gambling strategy gambling then there are some sources that are really meant only for you. One of the best sources of them are playing casino games with the help of the internet. The main reason for online casinos that have the interests of the people here is that all players can participate without the standard problems of any kind. Beginner's gambling games do not get many opportunities in physical casinos. However by online Casinos are not only training them for free, but it can also prepare for the big tournament. When the premier of Casino in the presence of top usa online casinos can not be overlooked.

Since the Internet is accessible 24/7, this means you can play the favorite game blackjack or poker at any time of day. On the other hand, gambling online provides you with the comfort of the most important you will not find, when you play at the casino hotel. Wherever you are in the world, you can place bets on Vegas roulette. This is because you can find the top usa online casinos on the web. There are several other advantages to playing online.

The best thing about gambling on the Internet is that you have the opportunity to play in the Casinos that operate from various countries in the world. If you live in Europe, you can try online casino fortune in the United States. Of all the options online casino games, which most likely played a table game. This is the fact that both the number of top usa online casinos successfully come under a high ranking on the online Casinos on the internet. If you are gambling a smart player who is well familiar with all the essential skills and techniques it is very important that you should get the same that you really feasible. You will not face many problems if you participate in gambling games offered on the online Casinos.

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Manfaat Lulur

cuaca panas enak nya ngapain yah mandi kayaknya enak apa lagi sambil manjaain diri dengan luluran wah pasti seru banget. Berlulur ria bak putri keraton apa salahnya, apa lagi untuk tubuh kita yang seharian kena debu dan polusi yang membahayakan kulit, mulai dari angin yang setiap hari menerpa wajah, rambut dan tubuh kita, yang tanpa kita sadari telah membawa berbagai jenis zat kimia, termasuk berbagai jenis logam berat serta karbon monoksida yang sangat berbahaya bagi kesehatan kulit.

Untuk mengatasinya coba dech kalian mandi jangan pake sabun tapi pake lulur, perawatan lulur sekarang bukan untuk sekedar tren saja tapi sudah menjadi kebutuhan, untuk mengakat zat bahaya pada kulit kita yang di akibatkan oleh polusi yang kian hari kian berbahaya bagi kesehatan, salaha satunya kulit kita.

lulur telah terbukti sangat bermanfaat dalam merawat kulit tubuh kita. Menjaga kelembutannya. Serta menghilangkan segala radikal bebas yang menempel di kulit.

Selain untuk membersihkan kulit, zat aktif yang terkandung di dalam lulur juga memiliki banyak khasiat. Misalnya,

LULUR SUSU yang dipercaya mampu menutrisi kulit secara mendalam, utamanya bagi kulit yang cenderung sangat kering.

LULUR COKLAT yang ternyata ampuh untuk menghaluskan segala jenis kulit. Bahkan menjadikan kulit bening bercahaya.

LULUR KETAN HITAM yang akan mengikis sel-sel kulit mati secara aman. Sehingga kulit menjadi cerah serta tampak eksotik. Dan masih banyak lagi khasiat lulur dari berbagai jenis zat aktif yang lain. Hal itu akan kami bahas tersendiri secara lebih mendetail pada bagian yang lain.

Nah, mo coba mandi dengan lulur mangga apa lagi sekarang lulur sudah ada yang di kemas dengan modern, dan banyak di toko kosmetik......

You Must Turn To A Beginner's Guide To Online Casino News

When you have started searching for online gambling world, you have to make a point to learn more about various online Casino deposit money before you. The best way for you to do this is to read the articles on the Online Casino News. This is a site that supplies casino enthusiasts more than just a review in the online Casinos. He also provides guidance on the best place to find the blackjack or poker room. In addition to the guide and reviews, but also offers the latest news online casino. This could open a casino or a new update of the software technology.

If you have not gambled online, you must turn to a beginner's guide to Online Casino News. The new online Casino in the industry does not mean you need to know the best way to find the best transaction or games. To be the new means that you should know more in order for you to get more than the amount that you enter in through a guide that offers a site, you will know the best things to do in order to get the most from your experience. It is important that players get updated with casino news. Likewise, articles about online casinos are relevant for playing the games. When the review site has these content, it will surely aid players even though the players are considered experienced ones.

The beginner's guide to Online Casinos News supply you with information about the best Casinos online. Since there are a lot of Casino through the web, you need to know which services to provide the best ever. You will get information when you read a review of this site. On the other hand, you also need to read the feedbacks from the players. Through their opinions on some of Casinos, you will know who to meet and which are not gamblers. If you can collect the information you need, you will be able to correctly decide which online casino will be played at.

Next the tip of the guide provides a Online Casino News is to look to options in the game of your choice online casino. Knowing casino games that you want to try in your hands. The most common casino games are offered through the net is roulette, bingo, blackjack, Craps, poker, slots, and Texas Holdem. When you know which of these will be played, you have to absorb its rules. This will enable you to become aware of the things you should do if you are already in the game.

According to instructions from the site, it will be wise if you keep the budget the amount you are willing to spend. You must prepare this before you decide to play your favorite casino games. When you are playing according to your budget, you will not be able to spend time above the limit. This is easier than running out of money and had to borrow money from the casino. If you win, you do not need to include in all of the money as a deposit. You may want to save half of and included in the other half back. In this way, you still have money with you when you end the game.

The Majority Of The Casino Web Site Will Be Announced Bonus

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Make Your Credit Cards Application Hassle Free

Today consumers are demanding. They are used to the fast speed of modern society and want everything to be done in a fast and efficient. And this applies to Credit Cards applications as well. No one would go through the hassle of filling a long form and then ends with the letter of rejection from the credit card company.

Having a credit card or even more than one it is not rare anymore. Most banks have a website that let you do online banking and most of the credit card application can be done online as well. It's easy to get a credit card report online and fill out an application for a credit card. The best part of all is that you can usually get approved in a very short period of time if you qualify, and you do not have to wait several days to complete the entire process through regular mail.

When you apply for a credit card does not matter whether it is online or via regular mail, you must fill in some personal information and answer a few questions. Like other types of applications, it is important to fill the space with all the information accurate, especially since you signed the application and agree that the information submitted is correct. Even if you fill out the application online and credit card is approved, you can not mean that you have quick access to credit lines. But be filled with applications that really will shorten the time period from when you sell and approved until you actually receive the money. If you fill out the application online Credit Cards you need to ensure a safe site and you have a firewall. Remember, you will be asked to provide personal information about themselves and the household, the employer's contacts and others.

Before the credit card application, the first thing you should do is make a thorough credit history against you. Thus, the first thing is to get your credit reports and review it thoroughly. There are three credit bureaus that you need to deal with. You need your credit report from each of them. They do not share information so that the record is not identical. You for taking the time to look through every report.

You should be careful to note, such as bankruptcy, late payments, reject the application and other negative data. In fact, you must also verify personal data such as name and address of residence. Contact each bureau and try to delete a lot of notes may be negative. You want to credit report is as positive as possible.The aim is to show potential lenders that is a responsible person who can handle your own personal finances well.

All credit card companies will ask for a copy of your credit report after receiving your application. They need to do this to access the credit risks they pose for. If you have to pay your mortgage loan or auto loan on time, this is a sign that you manage your finances well and have low risk.

In addition, the credit card company will check the records, such as delays in payment on or before a new card, electricity bill or the amount of credit or reject the application, if any. If there are too many inquires in your credit report recently, perhaps to show the other credit card companies that pose a high risk because you are trying to get more credit for a short time.

If you apply for low interest rate credit card, a clean credit history is important. The low interest rate which is often given to applicants who only consider the risk low. By understanding your credit history, you can make the effort to improve the error or have a negative note in your credit report. This involves some work in the part but really can make your Credit Cards application hassle free.

Blog Ku Malang, Pet Society Ku Sayang

Ada yang lagi demam FB (baca Facebook) ...???

Facebook adalah salah satu Sosial Network yang lagi banyak di gandrungi oleh para pengguna internet dalam menjalin komunikasi dunia maya, dari anak - anak sampai politikus...

Walaupun keberadaanya ada pro dan kontra namun tak menyurutkan si pemilik untuk tetap memberikan pelayanan yang memuaskan bagi pelanggannya...sama seperti Blogger mapun wordpress, kian hari ada aja yang baru di dalam mereka, yang buat orang - orang betah berlama - lama, termasuk saya.

ups tunggu dulu
asal temen - temen tau aja fat bukan FB mania loh , walaupun punya facebook penggunaannya berbeda dengan yang lain, loh kok ?

pertama kali buat cuma iseng - iseng aja, dan liat temen kerja asyik ma fbnya...sepertinya menarik akhirnya buat dech...tapi waktu itu cuma sekedar buat aja, gk aktif.
Beberapa hari kemudian di facebook muncul game yang buat fat tertarik banget namanya Pet Society
, kalo di liat sepintas segh gk bedah jauh dech dengan permainan orang - orang (Bepean klo bahasa sininya), permainannya cuma dekor rumah dan saling berkunjung dan kalo kita liat sepintas juga mainnya mudah, ternyata gk juga...

Apa yang buat menarik Game Ini yah segh?

Buat kalian yang suka main facebook dan sudah ada game ini di dalamnya mungkin sudah mengerti tapi bagi kalian yang belum tw nih fat kasih tw yang ifat tw

  1. Pertama login dulu di facebook atau di playfish
  2. Setiap kita login tuk pertama kali kita akan dikasih coin dari mulai 1000 sampai 50 coin
  3. Disana ada tiga tabung berwana yang berbeda ada merah, biru ma hijau setiap tabung itu berbeda fungsi, klo yang merah itu pertanda kita dah makan apa lom, klo penuh berarti dah makan, klo dikit pet kita akan lemes tandanya kita harus kasih makan, klo yang ijo tanda happy, nah klo yang biru health (kesehatan), klo dikit tandanya lom mandi itu harus di mandiin
  4. kalo semuanya dah penuh tinggal jalan2 k rumah tetangga kita dech nti dapet coin tuch, 1 - 51 kita dapet coin, 51 - 80 kita dapet coin 10, dan di atas 80 kita cuma dapet coin 5
  5. Nah, klo dah dapet coinnya tinggal belanja dech
Yang buat menarik game ini, pendekorasian rumah kita dan point...trus sering diadakankan kompetisi dekor rumah.

Apa hubunganya dengan judul
Blog Ku Malang, Pet Society Ku Sayang

huhuhuh....gara - gara main game ini blog ku jadi terlantar , cz aku dah kecanduan sampai - sampai begadang pe jam 2 pagi

Game ini sampai buat lupa waktu, lupa makan n buat kebablasan, tapi bisa juga buat ngilangin stress (kebetulan kemaren - kemaren lagi punya masalah) n memacu kreativitas dekor ruangan di rumah

mav kan aku blog ku sayang
, untung saja om google gk ngegebug kamu, kalo kam kena gebug wahhhh aku gk akan mavin diri ini ungguh aku ini tak bertanggung jawab pada dirimu

Insya allah mulai hari ini aku harus bisa membagi waktu antara dirimu dengan dirinya

NB : Hati - hati kalo dah kecanduan game yah..harus inget makan, jangan kyk ifat yah


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