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They already make good classification if you need informations in your current city. For example, if you looking for tickets in Las Vegas City you can visit this page. And so others like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, etc...

Buying ticket online like this is very give us lots of benefit. We don't need to stand in long lines or even camp overnight. All we need is a credit card and Internet connection ;)

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Turn Off Files Indexing to Speed Up Windows XP

Windows XP Search Just for your information, Windows XP keeps a record of all files on the hard disk, so when you do a search on the hard drive it is faster.

There is a downside to this service and because the computer has to index all files, it will slow down normal file commands like open, close, etc.

If you do not do a whole lot of searches on your hard drive then I suggest turning this feature off.

This is the way you can do to turn off files indexing to speed up your Windows XP:
  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Go to Administrative Tools
  3. Click on Services
  4. Scroll down on right column and find Indexing Service
  5. Right click and choose Properties
  6. Change the Startup Type to Disable value.
  7. Close all opened dialog box.

It's done now ;)

A New Look of Google Translate 2010

This morning I was surprised when I want to use Google Translate at My thought I've entered wrong address in my browser or there's cookies problem so I can't see the usual Google Translate web page :D

But, after I put my attention closer then I'm sure Google Translate was changed :D

Maybe it's a new look of Google Translate in 2010. But, unfortunately I'm not found any press release from Google developer team in their blog about it. Not like when they released new look in November 2009.

I hope Google can make this service better so I can use it to do my job better too :)

Looking Great and Pretty with Good Skin Care

We have been taught since our childhood that cheating is not good. However, looking great and pretty is a spontaneous longing in each one of us. Hence, it is warranted to use skin care transformation alternatives  to look juvenile as a part of the all round tips for healthy skin.

If you are like a lot of baby boomers today finding a good skin care for wrinkles program is at the top of your list. Maybe you've tried every new wrinkle cream on the market with little or no success. But now, you can visit OXIS International, Inc. website at

Oxis focuses on research to combat free radicals that can harm our health. They have excellent products such as Anti aging, Antioxidant, Glutathione, Penny stocks & free radical, and many more to be the supplements of your health.

You can also see Oxis on Facebook and follow Oxis on Twitter to get more informations for they services.

Peace Campaign from Unyil & Upin

Peace Campaign from Unyil & Upin
Unyil and Ipin & Upin was most popular puppet show in each countries, Indonesia and Malaysia. They become like icon for folk stories especially to kids.

Although Unyil had already emerged and famous on television since beginning of 80's but Upin & Ipin has spreaded in Indonesia in recent years and become one of the children's favorite shows.

Now when the political relations of Indonesia and Malaysia heats up, these two icons come together in cyberspace to call for peace. Not without reason, because the two neighboring countries are very close in a culture bound allied nations, Malays.

But politics are politics when it comes to greed it will never care about culture or other humanitarian ties. So pathetic!

Mudik Gratis bareng Amikom 2010

Mudik bareng kampus dan temen - temen pasti mengasyikan sapa yang mo ikutan, mumpung gratis loh :D


Tujuan akhir    : Tangerang -  Jakarta

Hari, tamggal  : Jum’at, 3 September 2010

Pukul              : 09.00 wib star dari Kampus AMIKOM Yogyakarta



   Melalui kota-kota : Wates – Purworejo – Kebumen – Gombong – Buntu – Wangon – Ajibarang – Bumiayu – Prupuk – Ketanggungan – Losari – Cirebon - Jatibarang – Pamanukan – Cikampek – JAKARTA (Tangerang - Amikom Center Jakarta).


Melalui kota-kota : Wates – Purworejo – Kebumen – Gombong – Buntu – Wangon – Karangpucung – Majenang – Ciamis – Rajapolah – Ciawi – Malang Bong – Nagrek – Cileunyi (BANDUNG) - Cikampek – JAKARTA (Tangerang - Amikom Center Jakarta).


1. Mahasiswa / alumni STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta
2. Mengisi dan mengembalikan formulir (download), dilampiri Fotocopy KTM, dikembalikan paling lambat  Tgl 1 September 2010
3. Peserta terbatas

download Formnya Disini

Waiting for ReadBud Payment

It has been three months I joined to ReadBud and reach $44.53 from minimun exceed $50 to make redemption.

Three months wasn't too long time to draining my energy just for read and rate articles they gave to me and I did it for less than 10 minutes per-day :D

I don't know how much time I must wait again to get $6 so I can request withdraw and they'll pay me through PayPal. It seems ReadBud won't let their members to get dollars too easy. But I still hope it's not a scam. What a sucks if so!

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First Payment from KumpulBlogger

Aha! It's my first payment from KumpulBlogger since last two years I've joined in their services. Yes, too long time just to earns small coins :D

But, no worry about that. Because I've no activity to make any refers since my first join. And this small coins I get just from my passive links which I set from my blogs. It's also based on my awareness that KumpulBlogger is a scam.

So then after I received this payment I'm sure this is not scam and decided to improve my activites from their services and earns lot of money from it.

This is my history payment from KumpulBlogger website:
First Payment from KumpulBlogger

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First Payment from KumpulBlogger

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Ramadhan : Tips sahur dan berbuka puasa

Wah ternyata Ramadhan sudah tinggal mengitung hari lagi, tak sabar rasanya untuk cepat menyambutnya.
oh ya apa kalian punya problem saat puasa? misalnya badan suka lemas kalo puasa, apa lagi kalo siang hari ditemenin dengan terik matahari, huhuhu rasanya pengen ngeredem badan di air es atau kebawaannya pengen tidur mulu?

nih ada kiat kiat alias tips buat kalian semua di saat menjalankan puasa ramadhan 

Tips saur dan buka puasa agar puasa tidak lemas :

Awali saur dengan segelas minuman yang manis *jangan terlalu manis ya!takut diabetes* dan hangat misalnya teh manis, makan dengan menu seimbang 4 sehat 5 sempurna, agar tercukupi serat dan gizi kita walau sedangan puasa dan membantu stamina badan supaya tetap fit.
Awali buka puasa dengan segelas minuman manis, jangan langsung minum air dingin yah, kurang baik buat lambung kita, lengkapi dengan makanan yang manis misalnya kurma atau pudding, jangan langsung makan makanan yang berat yah, sebaiknya setelah buka sholat magrib dulu, baru deh makan makanan yang berat seperti nasi dan kawan - kawannya. Dan perbanyak minum air putih hingga mejelang imsyak sebanyak 8 gelas, agar badan tidak dehidrasi.

Selamat mencoba yah » A New Yahoo! Messenger's Status Generator

IM-Online! » Yahoo! Messenger's Status Generator Wah, lama juga nih Ifat ga nulis di blog ini :D Maaf ya temen-temen semua... karena kesibukan yang luar biasa di kampus, Ifat jadi jarang nulis lagi deh :(

Tapi kali ini Ifat mau berbagi website yang cukup menarik nih sama temen-temen. Namanya

Apa kelebihannya?
Sesuai tag title dari website tersebut, mereka menyediakan fasilitas Yahoo! Messenger's Status Generator. Artinya kita bisa menampilkan status Y!M kita dengan mudah hanya cukup memasukkan ID Y!M kita ke tool yang disediakan di web tersebut dan seketika code HTML untuk blog/code Bulletin Board untuk forum langsung siap digunakan.

Rasanya Ifat ga perlu menjelaskan panjang lebar deh soal caranya, soalnya disana tuh udah dijelasin detail banget di halaman How To Use. Dan kerennya lagi, kita sama sekali ga dipungut biaya sepeser pun untuk nempelin icon-icon yang mereka sediakan ke blog kita, alias free! Coba aja tengok halaman About mereka kalo ga percaya ;)

Kalau temen-temen khawatir situs ini bisa menyalahgunakan ID Y!M temen-temen, temen-temen juga harus lihat halaman Privacy Policy mereka nih.. Soalnya disana udah dipastikan kalo mereka ga bakal nyimpen informasi apapun terkait account kita. Jadi aman deh... :)

Tapi... kalo temen-temen mau tanya lebih lanjut soal web ini, jangan nanya sama Ifat yah... soalnya kan bukan Ifat yang bikin hehehehe :D tapi tanya aja langsung sama mereka pake formulir kontak di halaman Contact.

Gimana, mau coba? Udah, langsung aja cek TKP-nya!! ^_^

Oxis International: Antioxidant Solutions

Health is the most valuable things for everyone. But, it's not easy to have a good health, we must do hard work to get it. Our body must have strong immune to fight all kinds of viruses, free radicals, and other diseases.

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Let's get healthy!

Beans, Friends of Bile

High cholesterol can not only trigger a blockage in blood vessels, but also can cause abnormalities in the biliary tract. Precipitation of cholesterol that hardens to form gallstones, and usually followed by inflammation and leading to pain in the bile duct.

Researchers from Harvard Medical School said, good fats like nuts monosaturated and polyunsaturated to be able to help us to control blood cholesterol, prevent gallstones, and accelerate the healing of gallbladder surgery. Of the 81,000 women followed for 20 years, found in 7800 women had undergone surgical removal of the gall bladder caused by gallstones.

But in the group of women who ate 500 grams or more of nuts, peanut butter, nuts or other healthy every week, have a risk of gall bladder surgery 25% lower than women.

Should testing be compulsory?

There's an interesting campaign building in Tamil Nadu. For those of you whose geography is not strong, Tamil Nadu is one of the states in India and it has a large population. It's also very socially conservative. This means that "family values" are very strong. Marriage is definitely only for heterosexual couples with divorce strongly disapproved. So far, India matches the Western model but here the similarities end because the usual form of marriage is arranged between the families without the need for the happy couple to meet before the ceremony. Marriage is seen as building links between families of comparable status and wealth. For most, marriage for love is an alien concept.

The problem with this system is that it can trap women in marriages that are, at best, loveless and, at worst, violent and dangerous. There are a number of reasons for this. Because the marriages are often made to consolidate property ownership, the welfare of the couple is irrelevant. Once the marriage has been celebrated and the title to the land transferred, the couple are left to their own devices. The reason why divorce is discouraged is because the courts might disturb the ownership of property. Indeed, wives who threaten divorce can be relentlessly bullied to keep quiet. A further problem is that homosexuality is still concealed. Thus, sons are married off without regard to their sexual preferences. This can leave wives in unconsummated marriages. The same result is achieved by the men who are impotent but dare not go to a doctor to admit the problem and get treatment. The worst possibility is that the men have been routinely engaging in unprotected sex with prostitutes before marriage and have picked up a sexually transmitted disease (STD). When the marriage is consummated, this can leave the wives with serious health problems.

A politically active group of Bollywood women is campaigning for all men to produce evidence of potency and freedom from STDs before being allowed to marry. Although the idea of a certificate of erectile function is never going to be practical - just how would the evidence be collected? - there's great merit in screening tests to ensure that both parties are free from sexually transmitted disease. Because many couples still prefer unprotected sex, the incidence of STDs has been rising quite sharply over the last ten years. Testing would therefore be a good thing not only in India but around the world. In the West, since there's no real need for gay men to marry for the sake of appearances, all men who have problems of erectile dysfunction simply rely on levitra. This drug produces the best erections in most men no matter what the physical or psychological problems. This is somewhat ironic since the leading manufacturers of the generic form of levitra are based in India but local distribution is limited by a culture that refuses to discuss sexual matters openly. Unlike the West, it's also quite difficult to buy levitra online. This unfairly leaves many Indian men struggling to cope with their impotence.

Are men and women the same when it comes to pain?

In these more modern times of sexual equality, it may not be politically correct to talk about differences between men and women. Unfortunately, the medical profession cannot ignore the increasing volume of scientific evidence that there are important differences, particularly when it comes to pain management. In this, it is important to distinguish between biological sex and gender. There are visual tests for the presence or absence of reproductive organs, and lab tests for chromosomes that help to say whether this is a man or woman. Gender, on the other hand, is a list of the social roles society defines for people. This can be complicated when people choose to act or behave in ways considered more appropriate for the opposite sex. As an example of the problem, you only have to look at the complaints that Caster Semenya is not a woman. How can this muscular person from South Africa suddenly beat the word record for the 800m by one second and be a woman?

The last decade has seen a rapid rise in the volume of research into gender differences in the response to pain. There is clear evidence that women are more likely to consult a doctor about pain and to take drugs to relieve that pain. As a result, the national statistics show more women than men suffering from the more common medical conditions causing pain such as arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, etc. In tests involving healthy volunteers, women are more likely to report higher levels of pain than men. This applies regardless of the other factors of age, race, ethnicity and religion. Interestingly, brain scans have shown that pain affects different parts of the brain. In women, the limbic area which also affects emotions is stimulated more than in men.

The speculation is that the differences in brain activity flow from early human development. Men were the stronger group with responsibility to fight to defend the community. This means being prepared to accept pain. Women were expected to respond to danger by nurturing and protecting the young, running away if necessary. Today, men remain less willing to admit to feeling pain and are reluctant to seek medical help. It does not matter whether this is a biological or gender difference, the statistical evidence for this unwillingness to seek help is absolutely clear. But, equally clear is that tramadol relieves the pain of both a macho man and an emotional woman. Even though there may be gender differences, the biological effect of tramadol is the same on a human body. It relieves moderate to severe pain. So, perhaps it is time for all men suffering in silence to overcome the cultural conditioning that threatens their self-esteem if they admit to pain. Once you have clearance from your local healthcare provider that there are no problems in you taking this drug, go online and buy tramadol from the privacy of your own home. This relieves the pain and preserves your image.


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