First Payment from KumpulBlogger

Aha! It's my first payment from KumpulBlogger since last two years I've joined in their services. Yes, too long time just to earns small coins :D

But, no worry about that. Because I've no activity to make any refers since my first join. And this small coins I get just from my passive links which I set from my blogs. It's also based on my awareness that KumpulBlogger is a scam.

So then after I received this payment I'm sure this is not scam and decided to improve my activites from their services and earns lot of money from it.

This is my history payment from KumpulBlogger website:
First Payment from KumpulBlogger

And this is history from my bank account:
First Payment from KumpulBlogger

If you want to join me, just simply click on this link ;)

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