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nah buat yang udah jadi momy, jangan sampai lupa mendidik anak yah, bermain facebook dibolehkan, tapi jangan sampai lupa ma sang buah hati....

Purchasing personal health coverage policy

Buying health coverage policy is a very important decision that can help you get the most out of your insurance provider. Learn about how to get the right policy in this article.

If you do not receive your health coverage through your job, you might be capable to obtain a policy in the capacity of an individual. Personal coverage is more difficult to purchase, more costly, and less buyer-amicable than coverage based on job, but it is better than lacking insurance altogether. Good health is never assured - even if you do not expend too much for your public health at the moment, all you need is one admission to hospital to wash you off financially.

One way to begin your pursuit for a personal insurance policy is by searching after an independent underwriter. Independent insurance providers have to record with your insurance Department of State, so they will hold a list of people granted a license to vend health coverage in state you live in. You as well may search throughout our website to find an independent insurance policy underwriter in your state.

One more alternative is to search after health coverage policy online. Our website allows you to collate policies from different insurance provider companies side by side, which appears to be a very useful function.

Below you can review some things to search for in a personal policy:

A guaranteed interchangeable coverage which cannot be canceled - this means that you can't be abrogated during the length of time that you persist to return the premiums and do not attempt to cheat the insurance company. At times, insurance companies will abrogate health coverage policies because the policy holder becomes ill, in pretty the identical way that auto insurance provider companies abrogate people that are involved in too many accidents. Unfortunately, this is absolutely lawful in many states, so discover a policy which cannot be canceled and is assured to refresh every year if you can afford. The next good thing is to find a "provisionally refreshable" policy, which means that the insurance underwriter saves the right to abrogate all policies parallel to yours, but cannot pick you out for abrogation.

A 10-day annulment term - most insurance underwriters will afford you 10 days to lean the policy papers thoroughly and settle if you still want this coverage. If you settle you do not like the conditions of the policy within the 10 days, you might annul the health insurance coverage and receive your premium back.

Terms determined in distinct way - you have to learn:

  • What isn't covered;

  • What is covered.

The grade of coverage obtainable under personal health insurance policies changes widely, and you will be having more conditions accessible to you, for your employer is not pre-choosing particular kinds of plans for you to select from. In this manner, it is specifically significant that you comprehend all of the conditions of your personal policy. If they are not distinct to you, ask your insurance company or the agent to clarify them. You are not likely to wait until you get ill to learn that your policy is not covering the services you demand.

Di Akhir Detik - Detik Koalisi Pemilu 2009

Detik - detik penentuan hasil koalisi pemilu 2009 sudah menampakan jawabanya, siapa dan dengan siapa mereka calon - calon yang berkuasa akan berpasangan layaknya seorang pengantin yang siap-siap untuk menuju pelaminan. Termasuk juga dengan kompetisi Kampaye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009 yang semakin panas, menunggu detik - detik penentuan besok, hari jumat 01/05/2009. Siapakah sang juara yang terpilih?

ups ini memang kompetisi tapi bukan seperti mereka yang sedang merebutkan kursi kekuasaan untuk berkuasa di negerti ini. Disini kalah menang bukan hal yang di utamakan, disini hanya ajang untuk saling bersilaturahmi sesama blogger, bagi mereka yang ikut dalam kompetisi ini bukan hadiah yang dicari namun hanya untuk menyalurkan kreatifitas mereka dalam SEO di dunia blogger.

ok..selamat menanti sang penguasa baru yah

What insurance to buy when your budget’s cut to the bone

Every time you hear from your insurer, it's usually bad news. The premium is going up again, the percentage of co-payments is increasing, there are new exceptions to coverage on some of the diseases you thought were covered. As a result, there are nearly 48 million uninsured people in the US. Even the middle class is finding it difficult. Although President Obama is making encouraging noises about reform, that's all in the future. He hasn't issued a plan. He's waiting for Capitol Hill to come up with ideas. Like that's going to produce fast results. In the meantime, it's down to you to find affordable cover. Well, you're in the right place. Every insurance company has some kind of presence online and there are increasing numbers of sites like this that let you search multiple insurers. But getting quotes directly and through sites like this is just the first step. You then have to take the time to compare what's on offer. Simply choosing the one with the lowest premium is a recipe for disaster. If you're unlucky and fall ill, you then find out you're not covered for that disease or disorder, or that it comes at the top end of the co-payments scale and it's going to run through your savings rapidly. So what should you do?

Let's start with those low premiums. The majority of companies offer discounts to get you to jump ship. The cheap rates apply for the first twelve months and then the "normal" rates apply. There's a temptation to run from one insurer to another at the end of each year. That way, you get some cover at discounted premiums but all the administrative hassle of changing the network of doctors and care providers. Just when you got to know one set, you're introducing yourself to another. The other problem is there's usually a catch. Some companies have a lead-in period when you pay all the bills or there's a high level of co-payments during the first year. So it's silvered words to get you to sign up and bigger bills for you if you fall ill. Always read the small print before you sign up!

So where can you get good value? Well, you can look at Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Together, they can provide low-cost access to hospitals and physicians. The second option is a limited form of gambling. If you're in reasonably good health, you can opt for a health insurance plan that only covers hospital and surgical treatment. That way, you're covered against accidental injuries and emergencies, and delay paying for coverage on the diseases that tend to affect older people. Hopefully, the economy and your pay will have improved by the time the dangers of the coverage justify extending the policy. Health insurance should not be a gamble but, when the economy is so bad and household budgets are feeling the strain, tailoring the cover is the best way to save dollars.


“SUKSES dan GAGAL" 2 kosa kata yang sering jadi pro dan kontra dalam diri kita, Sukses adalah kata yang paling dinginkan dari setiap individu dalam meraih imipian dalam hidupnya namun Gagal kata yang paling ditakuti karena tidak ada insan yang ingin gagal, bagi mereka yang pesimis kegagalan berarti akhir dari sebuah drama kehidupan dia. misalnya yang sekarang menjadi berita hangat dalam politik Indonesia Dalam pemilu 2009, banyaknya caleg yang stress karena mereka belum siap untuk gagal, yang mereka inginkan hanya sukses dalam memenangkan pemilihan kursi dewan.

Sebenarnya Sukses itu yang seperti apa yah? Dan menjadi diri yang sukses?ehm…

Sukses apakah mempunyai finansial yang banyak ? Jabatan yang tinggi yang biar orang menghormati kita? Atau mungkin rumah besar ya misalnya, rumah tingkat 3 dengan 2 kolam renang di dalam dan di luar mungkin? Atau mobil Mercy New SLK dengan 2 pintu dan atap dapat terbuka?? Tapi kita tidak dapat menikmatinya.

Kenapa? Karena kita hanya bekerja dan terus bekerja dari hari senin sampai hari jum’at bahkan sabtu, memikirkan pekerjaan di kantor dan memikirkan hari minggu, dan celakanya, pada hari minggu, kita memikirkan hari senin dan seterusnya. Dan Itu tidak boleh terjadi pada diri kita.

Jadi sukses yang seperti apa dan bagaimana yang semua ingin harapkan?

Sukses yang sesungguhnya adalah sukses yang sukses. Artinya, kita dapat menikmati itu semua. Free Money and Free Time atau bebas uang dan bebas waktu.

Tapi pertanyaannya, dapatkah Kita sukses?

Menurut Wiliam A. Ward adalah: “Sesorang yang gagal adalah orang yang memutuskan untuk sukses kemudian mengharapkannya atau hanya menunggu dan menunggu”.

Kegagalan menurut Thomas A. Edison adalah: “Sesungguhnya hanya masalah keegoisan saja. Dalam pikiran mereka, mereka akan sukses tanpa melakukan usaha apa-apa”. Faktornya adalah kemalasan, penundaan, ketidaksabaran dan kepuasan sesaat yang membuat orang itu menjadi sombong, dan kembali menjadi malas dan akhirnya dia jatuh dan kembali seperti awal lagi. Dan faktor yang terakhir adalah sebuah perencanaan baik jangka pendek ataupun jangka panjang dalam hidupnya yang buruk.

Dan Sukses menurut William A. Ward adalah: “Seseorang yang sukses adalah orang yang memutuskan untuk sukses dan kemudian mengerjakannya”.

Sebenarnya, Kita hanya membutuhkan 4 unsur untuk sukses yaitu : R.E.A.L

Relationship atau hubungan antara satu sama lain, saling menjaga keharmonisan, tidak mencari musuh. Saling menjaga silaturahmi. Lalu

Equipping atau dukungan yang mampu membuat kita lebih dan lebih baik dari hari sebelumnya. Karena kesuksesan esok tergantung pada kesuksesan hari ini. Lalu

Attitude atau sikap, ini yang lebih utama, kita harus berpikir positif bersikap positif pandanglah kehidupan ini dengan positif. Untuk sekedar mengingatkan, bahwasanya, pikiran kita, mempengaruhi ucapan kita yang berarti do’a kita, ucapan kita mempengaruhi perbuatan atau tindakan kita, tindakan anda, mempengaruhi sikap anda, dan sikap anda mempengaruhi karakter anda. Jadi, berhati-hatilah dengan pikiran anda. Karena itu yang menentukan apa dan bagaimana anda di masa mendatang. Nah, pada intinya, orang yang berpikiran positif, akan menghasilkan sesuatu yang positif, namun orang yang berfikiran negatif, akan menghasilkan sesuatu yang negatif, jadi jangan harap anda yang berfikiran negatif akan mendulang hasil yang positif.

Leadership atau jiwa kepimpinan. Seorang pemimpin harus mempunyai suatu komitmen yang kuat untuk menjadi pemenang dan tidak putus asa. Berani mengambil resiko tetapi berusaha mengelola resiko itu dengan baik dan berani mengakui kesalahan dan tidak akan mengulangnya kembali. Dan bekerja tidak hanya untuk diri sendiri. Artinya, jika kita ingin sukses lakukanlah bukan hanya untuk diri sendiri, tapi orang-orang yang kita cintai. Orang tua dan yang lainnya.

Dan sekarang Kita ingin Sukses ? Atau Kita ingin gagal ?

Jawabanya ada pada individu masing – masing, bagaimana kita menyikapi hidup ini, ketika kita sukses, syukuri kesuksesan kita jangan takabur, namun ketika kita gagal ingat apa yang dikatakan Wiliam A. Ward, jika kita hanya menunggu, jangan berharap bahwa kita bisa merubah keadaan, ketika gagal itu datang jangan menunggu tapi lekas bangkit, instropeksi lagi, mana yang buat kita gagal. JANGAN MENUNGGU

Golden Casino is Your Best Choice

If you want to bring the luxury and excitement of Vegas at your home, then golden casino is your best choice. Golden Casino offers safe online casino gaming for everybody. It accepts US residents which are normally excluded by some online casinos from their list of eligible players.

Golden Casino offers two kinds of online casino experience. You can download its casino client software and install it on your computer. Once installed, you will be able to instantly play all casino games on its site. You can also play at golden casino even without downloading the casino software. You can play directly on your browser through flash gaming. For both methods of play, you will need to register a real money account to start betting and winning at its games.

Your safety and security is also guaranteed at Golden Casino. This new online casino room is licensed in Curacao. Golden Casino is powered by Vegas Technology software, the leading and trusted software provider of hundreds of successful online casinos. You can experience seamless and crash-free gaming at Golden Casino. The software used by Golden Casino has been proven as one of the most robust and reliable gaming applications in the industry.

You can choose from a wide variety of online casino games at Golden Casino. If you like to play classic casino games, then you can try your skills at its Blackjack tables, Craps, and the ever popular online Roulette. You will also get a big dose of slots mania at Golden Casino. There are classic 3 liner slots if you want to bet small amounts. But there are also multi liner slots where you can win big jackpots. The progressive jackpots at Golden Casino also provide an opportunity for you to win hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Golden Casino can provide you with real excitement of casino gaming right at the privacy of your home. Simply download Golden Casino or play right on your browser. You will surely enjoy your stay at golden casino through its safe gaming technology, bonus offers, and wider choices of casino games.

Mail boxes are manufactured from high quality rigid flute corrugated cardboard

Mail boxes are manufactured from high quality rigid flute corrugated cardboard. Corrugated cardboard consists of two paper components, the medium and the linerboard. The medium is a fluted corrugated sheet which is sandwiched between two sheets of linerboard facing. Both are made from paperboard (generically referred to as “cardboard”) which is a paper-like material often composed of two or more plies to provide the required stiffness.

These mailboxes are ideal postal boxes for items shipped that require a high level of protection for delicate and fragile items. Mailing boxes can be supplied in brown and white as standard but coloured postal boxes are also now coming into fashion and are increasingly being used as high value gift boxes. Black, blue, red and silver are now all available and can be used as a value added service like gift wrapping. Value added services are now a rapidly growing active that retailers can do you increase the profit margin on a item.

Postal boxes provide very good protection for items being sent through the post and are easily reusable. Ebay sellers use mailing boxes a lot as it increases their positive feedback because the items reach the buyer with no damage and therefore increases their sales due to their higher feedback score against other sellers who don’t ship their products using strong packaging like mailing boxes.

As mailbox is made from corrugated cardboard it is recyclable & degradable. Look for mailing boxes that are 100% made from recycled material for the best environmentally sustainable solution.

Rutinitas malam Hari

Lembur Lembur Lembur Lembur Lembur Lembur Lembur Lembur Lembur
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Ngerjain tugas orang dengan mata ngantuk

Kerja Kerja Kerja Kerja Kerja Kerja Kerja Kerja Kerja Kerja Kerja Kerja
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Kerja Kerja Kerja Kerja Kerja Kerja Kerja Kerja Kerja Kerja Kerja Kerja
Kerja Kerja Kerja Kerja Kerja Kerja Kerja Kerja Kerja Kerja Kerja Kerja
Kerja Kerja Kerja Kerja Kerja Kerja Kerja Kerja Kerja Kerja Kerja Kerja

cuma buat sesuap nasi dan dompet supaya gk kosong

Download Download Download Download Download Download Download Download
Download Download Download Download Download Download Download Download
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Download Download Download Download Download Download Download Download

bahan yang di cari sekaligus ngabisin bandwidth

OnlineBlackjack.org is great site for new blackjack players

OnlineBlackjack.org is great site for new blackjack players. Many online casinos offer free blackjack games. Gamers have the chance to become happy with the table game and the rules in free online blackjack before gaming for cash.

Online Blackjack is nothing more than the virtual, Web-based version of the popular casino card game in which the player’s skill can have as much effect on the outcome as the element of chance. Blackjack online offers the same enjoyment as it does in “real world” casinos, but can be played right from your computer – one can wager on and play blackjack online without ever having to leave home!

Players who want the chance to play free online blackjack do not have to enter their personal details or sign up for an account at an internet casino. Free online blackjack grants players credits that they can use as bets in a game. These credits are complimentary and gamers do not have to pay for them.

Free online blackjack allows casino gamers the opportunity to practice their game. Gamers of table and online blackjack need to know when to stick or twist. They have to realise how the game is played and how to optimise their chances of beating the casino. OnlineBlackjack.org give players the opportunity to enjoy blackjack without having to venture to a bricks-and-mortar casino.

Online Video Poker

Online Video Poker is a online casino game that is often as popular as online slot machines, but it is a combination of online slot games and the rules of five card poker in a different style. Video poker is frequently considered by many skilled online gamblers to be immensely better to play then online slot machines because of the consequence that experienced playing has on the prospective money rewards of the game. While online slot machines are designed to repay a percent of the cash that is bet into the online slot machines, online video poker pays a good percent back when a online casino player plays well.

Online Video Poker is not much different from that of playing Online Poker. One should know how to play Poker before playing Online Video poker. One should know about the rules of Online Video poker for playing it. There are several Online Video poker sites but one should only choose good Online Video poker sites, as they are safe!

Online Video Poker games first started in the late 60s, but didn't beginning enjoying large popularity until later, when machine slots makers became involved in the output of online video poker games. Many folks in gaming who where anxious or intimidated by blackjack style games discover video poker to be a more "cordial" than live poker or table blackjack. This is likely because online video poker combines the important thought of a table play like blackjack with the playing of slots.

To play Online Video Poker is quite easy. The online casino player bets 1 or many coins and/or tokens and five cards are displayed on a monitor. The online casino player chooses which cards to keep and draws cards to supplant his cards which he thru away. The result of the poker hand dealt pays according to a online video poker pay-out table that the online casino displays. A tip from experienced video poker players is to bet the maximum amount of coins or tokens to get the best payback! Very prominent online video poker games have jacks or better and/or deuces wild, online video players have a choice to play either as multi- hands or single hand versions, where online video poker players gets to play 5, 10, 50 or even 200 hands of online video poker simultaneously.

Looking For The Best Online Casino

Trying to find a good free online casino site that offer free play can be difficult and tiring. Many casinos have various gimmicks and giveaways that can be quite very tempting. The unwary gamer can be easily tricked by catchy ads into signing up into a casino site that offers less than advertised, which can be quite frustrating.

In order to look for online casino that offer good service, a casino directory can be very handy. Casino directories list various online casino sites and rank them according to user usability. Directories also provide an in depth review of ranked casinos, giving details on what to expect on these sites. The reviews also give the rundown of interesting and great aspects of the featured site as well as its weaknesses. Directories also offer several game reviews that can be helpful in choosing which games you are going to play.

Of course the goal here is to win big. The player needs to look for casinos that offer high paying prizes. Directories will often place the sites that offer big paying sites on the top of their listings. You can even sort out the listings to find sites that offer the highest prizes for certain games. Freebies are also a good source of prizes for gamers. Casinos offer loads of freebies and other premium items as rewards for players who regularly plays in the site.

But before you get excited seeing the "Million dollars!" ad and registering, there's a catch. Not all the adverts are what they claim to be. Be wary of the ads and check them out first before registering. Really good sites will have a several day trial free of charge before you decide. As a tip, avoid sites that give out unreasonable (or even ludicrous) prizes. The thing is, you will be totally disappointed when you learn later that the prizes promised isn't really that big in reality.

This one is more of a player's choice. If you are a general all around casino gamer, then you can sign up for a complete package and enjoy access to all the games available in the casino. If you want to focus on particular games, you need to find sites that specifically cater to the game you want. Some casinos will require you to download the whole casino package, which you will not use anyway and will be more of a space wasting nuisance on your hard disk.

Free play can also be great for casual gamers. Sites offer these now to attract more players. This one can be picked up by players who want to while away some time. Unfortunately, free play isn't as lucrative as pay to play. Those who want to make a killing in online casinos will opt on the second option as pay to play offers more winning options.

Every good online casino should have this one. Player support can range from the technical stuff like maintaining account security and games, to player interactions and such. The site should also have a sort of news update section for upcoming events and changes.

Bebicara Tentang Cinta

Cinta adalah ketika kamu membawa perasaan, kesabaran, pengorbanan dan romantisme dalam suatu hubungan dan menemukan bahwa kamu peduli dengan dia. Hal yang menyedihkan dalam hidup adalah ketika kamu bertemu seseorang yang sangat berarti bagimu,tetapi hanya untuk menemukan bahwa pada akhirnya menjadi tidak berarti dan kamu harus membiarkannya pergi

bila cinta datang padmu
sambutlah dengan indah dihatimu
bila kau mulai merasakan rindu
cibolah peluk bayangan - bayangan disekitarmu
bila kau bunga
ku siap untuk jadi tanah tampat kau tumbuh
jika kau takut akan gelap
ku siap menjadi penerang dalam hatimu
jika ku beleh berbicara…
ku ingin katakan “ku sayang kamu cinta"

Menurut kalian Cinta itu apa?

Share and connect with people from all over the world at Acobay

Acobay is a brand new and unique social network site. Just like others community, you can stay connected with your friends. At Acobay, people share their hobbies and get connected with each other by their interest such as movies they love, books they read, pets they have, and so on. Then people who have the same in interest can interact and give personalized recommendation each one and the other.

t’s really nice and amazing can share more about book there. There are a lot of people join at Book network. Not only that, Acobay give me more choice. I can promote my own blog by sharing at Acobay. So my traffic here being increase with Acobay. Because more stuff I share, the more people I connect and the better Acobay works for me.

I put in my phone for example. Here’s an example of Acobay’s networking stuff map for cell-phones (mobile phones to the rest of us). When I put in my mobile my only criticism is that it wanted to know the exact model and how much I paid for it. I wasn’t sure of either so I kind of made it up. It would have been better with an I don’t know option perhaps.

Acobay looks as if it might be interesting or useful for connecting with others who have the same stuff. As a Beta it’s bound to have some quirks though. It’s not likely to take me away from blogging but I will keep an eye on it in case Stuff networking is the next big thing in social networking.

Share knowledge, experience on the world IT hoby or criticism about the world game, definitely fun to share with our friends, at this time we can join the social network site. This social network will allow us to have more friends and enjoy sharing. If you are interested in the movie, you can join at Movie network. You’ll be able to find subtopics that you can choose which you like. Now you can meet new friends, exchange information, express opinions, and many other things.

Acobay is a new social network site that allows us to share and connect with people from all over the world on “Stuff” that we buy or use every day. Acobay have an interesting concept, where members share “stuff” and is connected to one another, a lot of places visited, Acobay members will discuss about the latest movies or older movies, and also a member Acobay talk about games, and many can we in Acobay.

Find The Best Home Security Systems

If you want to protect yourself and your family, it is important to make sure that you have considered the benefits that are provided by having the Best Home Security Systems. There are a number of different reasons why you might need a home security system and how you can go about figuring out the right one for you, but before you do that, there are a number of different things that you need to know. Though it might seem a little unnerving to be preparing for the worst, consider the fact that preparation only means that you are going to be in a good place should it happen!

The first thing that you need to think about when you are considering a Home Security system is the company behind it. Who is keeping an eye on your home and to what extent are they on call? You will find that the best services out there are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Their monitoring centers are always on line and if the alarm is triggered, they are going to know. Essentially, when the alarm is triggered, they will call you. If there is no answer, they will dispatch the police. If you have ever been worried about punching in the wrong alarm and then being at odds with the police, don't be; this is a situation that can easily be cleared up.

When you are considering what is the Best Home Security Surveillance System, you will find that the best ones these days are wireless systems that are then coupled with a wired alarm. No matter how large or small your home is, you'll find that this system can cover you in all eventualities. Having a wired alarm is something that can actually frighten a home breaker off. If they have only forced entry and have not had a chance to grab anything, you will find that your losses can be greatly minimized. While you still may have issues with things like broken doors or windows, it can be much better than the alternative. The truth is that the more redundant your system is, the better off you are going to be and the better protected your home is going to be.

Online Auto Insurance Quotes

Are you searching for better auto insurance rates? Are you tired of feeling as though you're overpaying despite your spotless driving record? If so, it's about time you started shopping around for the best auto insurance rates from a new auto insurance company. Thanks to the web, motorists are no longer limited to dealing exclusively with local agents and hoping for the best deal. Instead, the internet has opened a new door for those who are looking to compare auto insurance rates and get the best value for their money.

When shopping for auto insurance online, the process of choosing a company is a bit more involved than simply asking your neighbor which local agent they work with. When shopping for auto isurance online, you may be required to do a bit more footwork while researching the auto insurance company, but in the end, it can pay off in a very big way. The best way to find a respectable auto insurance company is to research their history, learn about their policies and how long they have been in business, check their reputation and request a free auto insurance quote.

What is the most common way that an auto insurance company could compete for your business? By offering the lowest auto insurance rates, correct? If you said yes, then getting auto insurance online may be the way to go. Because there's so much more competition online, companies must work harder to get your business. In most cases, you can complete a request for a free auto insurance quote online in a matter of minutes. Depending on the specific auto insurance company, the number of requests, the day of the week, and other factors, it may take many hours or even several days to receive a response. The best part, however, is that you can shop from a nation of auto insurance companies with the click of a button and never even have to step out your front door.

Happy Birthday Ifat

Wahai Maha Penggenggap Harapan

Muarakan Rahmat – Mu yang tak bertepi ini

pada insan kecil – Mu

Rahmatilah jiwa ini yang haus akan cinta dan kasih sayang – MU

Berkahilah dan ridhailah segala langkah dan cita – cita kecilnya

pajangkanlah umurnya...

dan jadikanlah insan kecil ini selalu

berbakti kepada kedua orang tuanya

Ya Rahman … Ya Rahim

sujud syukur aku panjatkan atas segala rahmat – Mu yang berlimpah

terima kasih ya Rabb atas hadiah

yang terindah ini

Situs & Blog Diincar Pajak

doh...kok hari ini kebawaannya pengen marah - marah yah, abis baca berita di forum tentang Situs & Blog diincar pajak.

Yang bener aja Situs & Blog pribadi yang memasarkan produk mo kena pajak , pajak nenek moyangnya, emnk saya ngenet gk bayar gtu, kan secara tidak langsung saya juga kan bayar pajak, walau gk tw uang pajaknya kemanain tuch sama pemerintah.

kok bisa - bisanya mereka berbuat sedemikian, gimana mo bayar pajak..lah wong koneksi internet Indonesia cukup mengkhawatirkan yang buat kendala berbisnis lewat internet...koneksinya udah kayak louhan gk di simpen di air

"JAKARTA: Pemerintah akan menarik pajak bagi pemilik situs pribadi atau blog yang memasarkan produk melalui Internet.

Maraknya penjualan berbagai jenis produk melalui blog pribadi dinilai sebagai peluang ekonomi baru.

Kusmayanto Kardiman, Menteri Negara Riset dan Teknologi (Menrsitek), mengatakan tingginya pertumbuhan blog pribadi yang dimanfaatkan sebagai sarana jual beli, mulai dari promosi hingga pemesanan merupakan sebuah potensi positif.

"Pemerintah melihat itu sebagai suatu potensi pemasukan baru dari pajak," ujarnya di Jakarta, kemarin.

Dia menjelaskan penarikan pajak akan dibarengi dengan pemberian insentif kepada para pemilik blog dan masyarakat yang belanja dari sana. Namun, bagaimana sistem penarikannya harus dibuat skemanya lebih dahulu.

Pemerintah sendiri dipastikan tidak bisa memberikan insentif secara langsung. Paling dilakukan secara tidak langsung dengan menggunakan dana pajak untuk memperluas infrastruktur sehingga penggunaan Internet bisa menjangkau wilayah yang lebih luas dan lebih murah.

Menurut dia, pembangunan infrastruktur merupakan bentuk insentif tidak langsung, tetapi dampaknya akan langsung terasa bagi para wirausaha yang menggunakan media pemasaran Internet.

Infrastruktur Internet di Tanah Air masih sangat tertinggal, yang di antaranya terlihat dari aksi partai potilik dan calon legislatif pada pemilu kali ini. Mereka kurang menggarap kampanye digital melalui media Internet, karena jumlah penggunanya sangat kecil dibandingkan dengan total penduduk Indonesia.

Perkembangan industri digital di Indonesia sejauh ini menunjukkan peningkatan signifikan. Hal itu terlihat dari pertumbuhan jumlah perusahaan yang melakukan kegiatan promosi, pemasaran, dan komunikasi melalui Internet, dan media digital lainnya.

"Saya optimistis dengan ini semakin banyak anak muda yang bisa berwirausaha di bidang terkait," ujarnya.

Shinta Dhanuwardoyo, CEO PT Bubu Kreasi Perdana, mengatakan pihaknya berusaha mengembangkan kesadaran masyarakat muda dalam memanfaatkan Internet sebagai media kampanye dan pemasaran digital yang murah meriah, salah satunya melalui pemberian anugerah.

"Kami meluncurkan kompetisi Bubu Award V.06 untuk menstimulasi para pelaku industri terkait merancang kampanye pemasaran digital. Apalagi Industri digital Indonesia diproyeksikan tumbuh 100% hingga 2010," ujarnya.

Tahun ini Bubu Award mendorong para calon pesertanya yang terdiri dari pelajar, mahasiswa, dan masyarakat umum untuk melakukan eksplorasi lebih dalam terhadap objek wisata Taman Nasional Komodo.

Oleh Fita Indah Maulani
Bisnis Indonesia

yang pasti saya gk setuju apalagi dengan kondisi koneksi internet yang leletnya minta ampun, malah sering banget mati total tapi klo bayar harus sesuai dengan perjanjian ditambah ini harus bayar pajak buat mereka yang memasarkan produknya. Mana sikap pemerintah yang katanya cepet tanggap, katanya mereka siap melayani masyarakat....Blusit...

bagaimana dengan temen-temen smua..setuju?

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Home Equity Loans are Secured form of Loan Given on The Equity of the Home

Home equity loans are secured form of loan given on the equity of the home. And Bad Credit Home Equity Loans means home equity loans that are offered to persons striving with bad credit history. This specific category of person is offered this financial aid so that they can easily get rid of the unwanted financial issues which had made their life bitter.Bad credit home equity loans are special home equity loans available to people with a low credit score. If you have been eyeing a new home or wish to take a new loan to pay off high interest debts, then bad credit home equity loans are something you should consider applying for.

Those who have a high credit score pay low interest rates. People who have a score of less than 600 are usually asked to pay a high rate of interest or denied loans. However, they can always avail of bad credit home equity loans.

Originally, home equity loans were designed to pay for renovations and add on structures to your home. However, as lenders never check where the money is going, you can use it for almost any purpose. People with low credit scores usually go in for Bad Credit Home Equity Loans to pay off their debts. The only difference between bad credit home equity loans and regular home equity loans is the slightly higher rate of interest.

Lending companies and banks are always ready to dole out cash as bad credit home equity loans. As the loan is secured by a mortgage on your house, the lender faces very little risk. If you are unable to pay the loan in the future, they simple repossess your house to recover their dues. Plus the high interest rates and loan charges make it quite profitable for them.

Bad Credit Home Equity Loans are extremely useful to people who are stuck in a cycle of debt or in a debt crisis. If you have multiple high interest rate arrears like credit card debts, then it makes sense to use a low interest home equity loan to pay it off. The advantages are you will have to deal with just one creditor - the home equity loan company. And you will make smaller monthly payments.

As you pay off the previous loans, your credit rating will increase. This debt consolidation function of bad credit home equity loans is the reason why it is become so popular today.

4 Hal Yang Harus Dihindari Saat Tidur

Tidur merupakan kebutuhan manusia yang paling penting setelah air, makanan dan udara. Karena dengan tidur kita bisa menyediakan waktu istirahat untuk tubuh kita yang seharian beraktivitas, tidak hanya tubuh namun juga organ – organ lainnya seperti mata dan otak kita. Namun kebanyakan orang tidak menyadari akan pentingnya tidur bagi kesehatan, kualitas tidur yang buruk dapat menyebabkan kerusakan internal pada organ internal dan otak.

4 Hal Yang Tidak Boleh Dilakukan Saat Tidur

Jangan Tidur sambil Menonton TV.

Menonton berarti Sobat terpapar tingkat radioaktif tertentu. Meski kecil, tapi jika Sobat menonton di tempat tidur untuk waktu yang lama, mungkin dapat menimbulkan efek yang merugikan bagi kesehatan.

Jangan Tidur dengan BH.

Para peneliti dari Amerika telah menemukan bahwa menggunbakan BH lebih dari 12 jam menimbulkan suatu resiko tinggi terhadap kanker payudara. Jadi tidurlah tanpa BH.

Jangan Tidur dengan Ponsel.

Meletakkkan ponsel di samping tempat tidur atau di manapun di dekat Sobat sangat tidak disarankan. Meski beberapa dari kita menggunakan ponsel sebagai alarm, tapi letakkan ponsel sejauh mungkin. Penelitian telah membuktikan bahwa benda elektris termasuk ponsel dan TV mengedarkan sejumlah gelombang magnetik saat kondisi hidup. Gelombang ini dapat menyebabkan gangguan terhadap sistem nervous. Karenanya jika harus meletakkan ponsel di dekat Sobat, matikan saja.

Jangan Tidur dengan Make up.

Tidur dengan make up akan menyebabkan kulit sulit bernafas dan berkeringat. Sobat juga memerlukan waktu yang lebih lama untuk tidur yang nyaman.

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To Play Blackjack with a live dealer is no different from when you play blackjack at an online casino. The rules are the same, and the environment is the same as well. You won't notice the difference with the live video feed of the dealer right on your monitor. To start off, choose an online casino that offers a live version of blackjack. Some online casinos also offer live blackjack early payout games. All you have to do is sign up with the online casino and download the free casino software for free. Most online casinos require you to make a deposit and play for real money so you can access the live games. There is an online casino, namely Dublin Bet, that offers the live games for free. This means that you can enjoy the blackjack game without worries. And you can play it for as long as you want. The free live game version will give you a chance to practice the game as well.

When you Play Blackjack with a live dealer, once the game begins, an electronic game window will appear on your monitor. On the upper right side, the live video shows the dealer. You can place your bets simply by clicking on the available chips with the corresponding amounts. You can place bets on any of the three hands available. Take your time in placing your bets. The amount of bets you place on each hand matters a lot in determining whether you will lose out big, lose out small, win big, or win small. You have until the last minute before the dealer ends the betting round to place your bets. Take note of the betting limits when you bet. The betting limits are the maximum and minimum amount of bets you can place. It is usually found at one of the electronic marquees on the game window.

At this point, the hands will be dealt one card each. After the second cards are dealt for each of the players, you can choose whether to stand or hit. To stand means that you are satisfied with your hand and thinks it already stands a chance against the dealer's hand. To hit is to ask for another card to be added to your hand. You can still change your bets at this point. You can also consider making the different kinds of bets that are available for the blackjack game. You can place split bets and double bets.

Then, after all the players have taken their turn choosing their strategy, it is now time to reveal the dealer's second card. A blackjack hand is an automatic win. A blackjack hand is one that consists of two cards that have a total value of 21. This is why blackjack is also called Lucky 21. With the first card alone, the players can already get an idea if there is a possibility that the dealer has a blackjack. In blackjack, there is what is called an insurance bet, wherein the player insures himself against a dealer's blackjack. In the live version of the game, insurance bets can be offered or not, depending on the rules of the particular game that is being played. A three-card 21 is still considered a winner, but a blackjack ultimately refers to a two-card 21.

If you already know the basic blackjack rules, you will not encounter any problems adjusting when you Play Blackjack with a live dealer. You will not notice the difference at all.

What happens when the uninsured go to the emergency room?

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that an increasing number of people are now unable to afford medical insurance. Some 47 million people do not have medical insurance. When they begin to fall sick, there is nothing that can be done if money is short. When it comes to a choice between food on the table and treatment, most people decide to eat. They hope they will get better. When health does not improve, there is no improvement in the choice to be made. If treatment remains unaffordable, they have to wait until their sickness worsens to the point it can be considered an emergency. At this point, people decide to go to the emergency room at their local hospital.

The difficulty is that most of the uninsured cannot afford to pay their bills. The hospitals can and do issue invoices for the treatment given and drugs supplied. This is also a part of the law. People have a responsibility to pay for their treatment. But hospitals are realistic about their chances of collecting. Continued pursuit for payment usually results in bankruptcy and the creditors only get a few cents in the dollar. So, hospitals make a rational decision. They spread all the unpaid bills among all those who can pay.

In other words, whether you are paying out of your own pocket or you are relying on your own health insurance to pay for your treatment, a percentage of every hospital's bill is a provision against bad debts from the uninsured. The irony is that everyone who is insured is also insuring all the uninsured for their emergency room visits.

If you have been wondering why your own health insurance premiums have been going up so sharply of late, it's because there is a wave of uninsured people going to the emergency rooms around the country. The health insurers are having to pay more and this additional cost gets passed on in the premiums. Is it going to get any better? No. It's actually going to get worse. Ever more people are finding health insurance unaffordable.

Even with sites like this which allow people to find the cheapest health insurance around, many still find the premiums too much. That does not mean you should give up. Using this site will get you offers. Then it's up to you to negotiate directly with the insurer or its agents to get the best actual premium for the cover. It's not worth the risk of being uninsured. If at all possible, get some cover.

Aktivitas Blogger

Logoliburan........asyik banget dech apa lagi kalo ada diskusi or shering bareng keluarga, kalo dah ngumpul jadi males balik ke net buat kerja..
nah...Kemaren ifat abis pulang, di sela-sela lagi ngumpul my sister *kakak nu paling tua alias momy ke dua di home* nanya "de blog itu buat apa?ngapain aja klo kamu lagi ngeblog?"
spontan buat kaget orang yang lagi minum, gk biasanya nih kakak nanya aktivitas adeknya, biasanya cuek kayak bebek malah lebih parah cueknya, dengan semangetnya fat jawab aja yang fat lalukan kalo lagi ngeblog,
" Blog itu tempat kita menuangkan ide kita yang selama ini ada dibenak kita, tapi kita gk bisa nyampain secara langsung ke orang lain, selain itu blog berfungsi untuk memberikan informasi ke halayak ramai dengan kata kunci yang mereka cari (menurut ifat yah ), kalo aktivitasnya banyak teh, yang paling penting itu posting, kalo kita punya blog tapi gk posting sama aja boong, nti kalo orang main ke blog kita gk ada postingan nti mereka mo baca apa , selain itu blogwalking ; main blog temen sambil cari hal yang baru yang kita gk tw, saling tuker informasi, baik dalam dunia blog maupun yang lainnya, selain itu ada yang namanya tuker link, fungsinya tuker link itu kita bisa main ke blog temen tanpa cari di om google, cz kita dah punya data, sekaligus mempererat tali silaturahmi, ada juga yang main review, kalo riview itu kita jadi sales tapi gak usah ngetuk pintu rumah orang, kita cukup nulis tentang produk yang kita review di blog kita"..

sebernarnya masih banyak lagi aktivitas para blogger lakukan di blognya yang tidak hanya sekedar posting, blogwalking, tuker link, maupun review, itu hanya aktivitas yang hampir semua blogger lakukan, kalo aktivitas lainnya tergantung individu masing-masing.

Bagimana dengan teman - teman blogger lainnya?apa akitivitas yang kalian lakukan pada blog kalian?

Keep Blogging yah

Nyontreng Pemilu 2009

Akhirnya kemaren ikut nyontreng juga , ini pertama kalinya ikut nyotreng biasanya nyoblos *yang lain juga sama kali fat* dan pertama kali dapet serangan fajar 25 rb *lumayanlah buat makan n beli es*. tapi di Pemilu kali ini beda banget dengan pemilu sebelumnya...bukan hanya partainya yang begejibun *apa itu begejibun?* itu loh partainya yang banyak banget....tapi juga kertas suaranya wew. Why? kertasnya gede2 semua kayak raksasa , gimana gk gede wong *bahasa serang keluar nih mav yah * partainya banyak gitu. Pusing banget kemaren bukan kertas saja yang gede banget kayak raksasa sampai ruang buat nyontreng gk muat maklum secatnya kecil banget *kenapa KPU gk buat secat yang gede yah?. (ngarep)* tambah lagi bingung cz gk kenal para calegnya *gimana gk kenal orang ngerendem aja di warnet *. Bagi ifat wajar gk kenal cz gk ada di home, lah orang home aja pada gk kenal ma mereka (caleg), Kok gk kenal segh? be coz sin tan mereka itu klo menurut ifat pada gk terjun ke masyarakat langsung *ada tapi bukannya cari simpati masyarakat, tapi malah langsung bagi2 kaos dll, cari lah sesuatu yang bener2 bisa buat rakyat yakin kalo dia pantas tuk di pilih*, dan kebayakan dari mereka yang sibuk untuk ngenalin mereka ke masyarakat malah team suksesnya *sebenernya siapa yang mo di contreng kok yang sibuk orang lain yah? *

Pemilihan Presiden nanti kertasnya segede itu gk yah , doh semoga gk segede itu...ribet banget....Kalo boleh tw ditempat kalian partai mana yang menang?

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ShopWiki is a community based shopping wiki/search engine with some very modish, social features. First and foremost, there’s the engine which search through more than 180,000 online stores for best products and best prices. Searches may be refined by price range, brand, sites, and even color. Users can create wikis for any product—whether it be wedding decorations or computer hardwares or software. Alternatively for a little extra help check out the Wiki buying and Gift guides. 

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ShopWiki is very easy to use and a great shopping resource. There’s tons of information added by people like us, and the search engine will find us what we’re looking for at the lowest rate in a matter of seconds. It’s fast and efficient, you won’t be disappointed. I feel ShopWiki puts shoppers first, because i guess they found that consumers now wanted more coverage, better search and details shopping information from the next generation of shopping search engines. This is Revolutioner! Bravo ShopWiki!

Why women are victimized?

According to the latest news, there is a real difference in the premiums paid by men and women of the same age for the same health insurance terms. The differences can be many hundreds of dollars. Even in an economy that was booming, it would be difficult to justify this price discrimination. But as the US appears to be entering a more difficult time and some people are even using the "r" word, the victimization of women in this way should be an urgent priority for the new administration to address when it takes over the White House in 2009.

It's not enough to talk in general terms about the rising costs of health insurance at a time of rising employment. Various proposals talk of offering tax credits or other assistance to help in buying or maintaining private cover. But this does nothing to address the historical injustice. Giving a woman the same tax credit as a man simply means she continues to pay more than a man.

When challenged, medical insurance companies tend to assert that women make more use of medical services and make higher claims. But the evidence shows that most medical insurance policies exclude maternity care - in fact, maternity care is usually offered for a substantial increased premium. So what does it come down to? It seems women take more care of their health. They visit their doctors more often to have regular check-ups, are more conscientious when converting their prescriptions into medication and then actually take the drugs. Whereas, men care less about their health and resist having treatment. No matter where you live, women are charged higher insurance rates.

The rates vary from one state to the next with some companies demanding up to 50% more for the same cover. Because of the general problems affecting the economy, it becomes all the more important to shop around before picking a new medical insurance company or deciding to renew an existing policy. Just as important is the need to join a political campaign to prevent health insurers from using sex as a factor when fixing the premiums. There are anti-discrimination laws to protect people in the workplace and other areas of their lives. The same should apply when everyone seeks medical insurance.

Serangan Fajar Pemilu 2009

Dengan berakhirnya masa Kampaye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009 kemarin tanggal 5 April 2009, maka besok adalah hari yang di tunggu - tunggu oleh para caleg yang nasibnya akan di tentukan oleh selembar kertas suara yang sah, namun sebelum detik - detik menenggangkan itu di mulai sekitar jam 7an, apa ada yang melakukan mereka yang gk mo rugi ketika sang fajar menjemput ??

Benarkah Serangan fajar itu masih berlaku untuk kompetisi yang tak pernah sehat ini ? dengan bermodal uang saku 5rb rupiah mereka membodohi rakyat agar memilih mereka. Dimulai dari yang tidak sehat maka akhir kompetisi ini akan tidak sehat pula, bagaimana mereka akan menjadi pemimpin rakyat jika semua kompetisi uang yang bermain.

Serangan fajar bukan sesuatu yang asing yang ada dalam pesta rakyat 5 tahun sekali ini, bahkan ini adalah suatu yang lumrah dalam mencari simpati masyarakat, tak mau kalah karena sudah mengeluarkan dana besar untuk duduk di kursi panas, apa pun caranya banyak caleg yang cari jalan pintas salah satunya Serangan fajar ini.

Jika di beri pilihan antara serangan fajar dan blt mana yang menurut temen - temen lebih tak mendidik untuk rakyat ?

Cara Mudah Mengetahui Komputer Terinfeksi Virus Conficker

Paling sebel dech kalo komputer dah kena virus, buat datang ilang, kerjaan jadi terganggu, loding lama, dll....tapi buat saya yang awam kadang mikir, kok bisa segh komputer kena virus kan dah dikasih antivirus sedangkan dia selalu di up date ternyata antivirus itu bukan jaminan buat komputer kita bebas dari yang namanya virus, apa lagi tadi saya baca forum katanya walau komputer kita sudah di kasih antivirus, tapi ada virus yang bisa menjebolnya yaitu virus confiker.

Apa itu virus confiker

virus confiker adalah virus yang dapat memanfaatkan lubang atau celah yang terdapat di dalam windows sebagai jalan masuk kedalam sistem komputer kita, sebenernya keberadaan virus ini gk buat fatal tapi karena virus ini bisa membuka celah yang terdapat pada ost windows kita yang berakibat dapat membuat kerusakan pada sistem kita dan pc kita juga mudah terinveksi oleh virus,maka cukup bahaya juga kan bisa kacau komputer kita dan bahayanya lagi menurut sumber yang saya baca katanya virus ini virus ini dapat memblokir akses kita ke situs-situs antivir, kebayangkan jadinya kayak gimana?dan katanya microsoft berani bayar $250.000 kalo ada yang tw informasi tentang virus ini (yang buat virusnya kale yang tw)

bagaimana cara kita mengetahui kalo komputer kita terinveksi oleh virus $250.000 ini (confiker)/belum

Caranya mudah untuk mengetahuinya mampir ke halaman ini


dan perhatikan gambarnya...muncul dan tidak muncul (kayak apa aja yah), trus liat keteranganya yang ada dibawahnya

Atau, kalian bisa coba dengan membuka alamat situs-situs antivirus. Kalau bisa terbuka, berarti komputer kalian masih sehat. Tapi kalau tidak bisa terbuka, segeralah cari pertolongan sebelum terlambat yah...
wah kalo kena virus ini gimana dnk ?

mav saya lom tw cara penanganannya , buat temen - temen yang dah tw jangan lupa bagi - bagi ilmunya yah

sumber : http://apadong.net

5 April Kampaye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009 stage akhir

wah akhirnya tanggal 5 datang juga , kalo bisa tanggal 9 juga cepet nyusul dech cz dah sumpek liat kota serang yang semerawut kaya tempat pembuangan sampah (sampah atribut partai).

Gk kerasa yah dah berapa minggu para partai dan calegnya sibuk mengubar janji manis kayak gulali kepada masyarakat, dan sekarang hari terakhir buat mereka berkampaye ria, sambil buang sampah, tempel sana sini sampai tembok kuburan mereka tempel (emank orang yang dikuburan mo milih mereka, bisa pada kabur nanti petugas PTS , banyak mayat idup) ups...

Kampaye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009 jadi ajang para partai dan calegnya untuk mencari simpati masyarakat dengan mengubar janji - janji manis, detik - detik pemilihanya nanti tanggal 9 , selain itu Kampaye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009 menjadi ajang buat mereka yang mencari sesuap nasi dengan mencari rezeki membuat bermacam - macam atribut partai, tapi pernah gk yah kita berfikir disaat detik detik pemilihan ini sapa yang lebih siap dan tanggap mempersiapkan diri untuk setelah acara ini selesai ? mungkin buat mereka yang nyalon gak akan kepikiran sapa orang yang akan sibuk dan repot kalo mereka gagal duduk di kursi dewan, bagi mereka yang nyalon yang dipikirka adalah menjadi anggota dewan dan duduk manis di kursi dewan

Dia yang tanggap di Pemilu Indonesia 2009

Kalian tw siapa yang lebih tanggap dan sudah mulai siap - siap untuk mempersiapkan segala sesuatu ketika Pemilu Indonesia 2009 selesai?
Mereka adalah dokter dan RS (baca Rumah sakit), baik RSJ (baca Rumah Sakit Jiwa) maupun RS biasa , loh kok mereka segh? yups baik dokter maupun RS mereka sudah mulai mempersiapkan diri katanya loh, jika ada para caleg yang gagal menjadi anggota dewan, jadi ingat waktu pemilihan gubernur dislah satu provinsi yang gagal terus gila gara - gara hutangannya bukan pake "J " tapi udah pake "M".

Buat kalian yang jadi caleg, kalo gagal jangan sampai seperti itu yah, tetp optimis, kalo gagal toh bukan akhir dari kehidupan, tapi kalo menurut saya mendingan jadi orang biasa aja, truz buat kalian yang nanti terpilih jangan jadi anggota dewan yang cuma mau duitnya aja, jangan sampai DPR ruangannya cuma jadi kuburan ke dua, sepi tak berpenghuni, abis pada sibuk sendiri. Apa yang di sampaikan Bapak MPR kita itu bener, kalo memang buat kebaikan bersama jangan bilang "Aku" tapi "Kita", tapi jangan pula bilang "Kita" namun aplikasinya "Aku", tak seharusnya begitu masa depan bangsa bukan di tangan pemimpin kita, tapi ada pada kita, mereka yang duduk di pemerintahan hanya membatu jalannya roda kehidupan bangsa.....

Suksesnya Pemilu Indonesia 2009 ada di tangan kita, pilih mereka yang memang menurut kalian cocok, pantas untuk mengaplikasikan amanah kita. Ingat gunakan hak pilih kita nanti tanggal 9 april

ups satu lagi buat pemda kota serang dan kab serang, duch cepet - cepet tuch tata kota di bersihin dari gambar partai dan spanduknya malu dnk sebagai ibu kota provinsi dah kayak TPS

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Menggapai Mimpi yang tertunda

sebenernya boleh gk segh kita bermimpi atau berkhayal untuk sesuatu yang kita inginkan?

kalo menurut fat boleh2 aja asal ada batasan, berimimpi untuk jadi orang sukses misalnya boleh asal ada aplikasi untuk mewujudkan semua itu, berkhayalpun ada batasannya..klo tidak di imbangi dengan adanya aplikasi untuk mewujudkannya kita bisa gila loh....

nah di bulan april ini bulan bagi ifat yang cukup bersejarah, karena di bulan ini ifat terlahir di dunia dengan membawa sejuta mimpi yang ingin di gapai, mimpi ifat untuk sekarang segh pengen banget kuliah yang sudah tertunda 2 tahun, adanya kemudahan untuk semua masalah yang kian hari makin penat untuk di hadapi.

Bagaimana dengan mimpi kalian?

You Need Keyless Lock for Your Home

Keyless door locks are a fantastic and convenient way of entering/exiting your property without having to carry keys. There are two main types of keyless lock, electronic and mechanical. The mechanical type provides a push button keypad to allow the user to gain entry. The main advantage of the mechanical type is that it needs no power supply in order to operate it so you don't need to worry about power failure. This also makes it an ideal choice for exterior applications such as yard gates.

These are simple, reliable devices that are easy to install as no wiring is needed. Being both hacksaw-proof and pick-proof and often fitted with a deadbolt mechanism, they provide an ideal, secure alternative to the traditional key lock. Of course you have the convenience of not having to search around for your keys for both entry and exit from your property.

But if you want a solution that provides sophistication and convenience there are several types of electronic keyless system to suit your requirements and budget.

The basic type of electronic keyless lock is a simple touch pad system that allows entry of a predefined code in order to gain entry. A more advanced type uses a keycard or tag to enter the property. Many hotels use this principle of door lock as the keycard can be programmed to only open certain doors. When used at home, the homeowner can decide who will have access when they are not at home. This is useful if you have a babysitter, housecleaner or even a handyman that need to gain access to your property while you are not in. This kind of system usually logs the time of entry and exit and can even switch on your lights when you enter your door.

Keyless entry systems are great for people with disabilities. People who are blind can easily operate a door lock system using a badge or tag and people who are wheelchair bound that may have limited use of their limbs will find it easier to enter their property.

Usually most keyless lock directly replace the existing door lock that is already in place so it's just a matter of doing a straight swap. However a more sophisticated electronic type may need a professional installation.

For a keypad type entry system be sure to change the code every so often. The reason being is that thieves will get to know your code by observing the keypad for wear and dirt and this will show the digits used to allow access. If you only have a 4 key code then this narrows the combination down to 32 combinations of the 4 digit

Casino US for USA Players

If you are a player who is familiar with every gambling strategy gambling then there are some sources that are really meant only for you. One of the best sources of them are playing casino games with the help of the internet. The main reason for online casinos that have the interests of the people here is that all players can participate without the standard problems of any kind. Beginner's gambling games do not get many opportunities in physical casinos. However by online Casinos are not only training them for free, but it can also prepare for the big tournament. When the premier of Casino in the presence of top casino us can not be overlooked.

The best thing about gambling on the Internet is that you have the opportunity to play in the Casinos that operate from various countries in the world. If you live in Europe, you can try online casino fortune in the United States. Of all the options online casino games, which most likely played a table game. This is the fact that both the number of casino us successfully come under a high ranking on the online Casinos on the internet. If you are gambling a smart player who is well familiar with all the essential skills and techniques it is very important that you should get the same that you really feasible. You will not face many problems if you participate in gambling games offered on the online Casinos.

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