Mail boxes are manufactured from high quality rigid flute corrugated cardboard

Mail boxes are manufactured from high quality rigid flute corrugated cardboard. Corrugated cardboard consists of two paper components, the medium and the linerboard. The medium is a fluted corrugated sheet which is sandwiched between two sheets of linerboard facing. Both are made from paperboard (generically referred to as “cardboard”) which is a paper-like material often composed of two or more plies to provide the required stiffness.

These mailboxes are ideal postal boxes for items shipped that require a high level of protection for delicate and fragile items. Mailing boxes can be supplied in brown and white as standard but coloured postal boxes are also now coming into fashion and are increasingly being used as high value gift boxes. Black, blue, red and silver are now all available and can be used as a value added service like gift wrapping. Value added services are now a rapidly growing active that retailers can do you increase the profit margin on a item.

Postal boxes provide very good protection for items being sent through the post and are easily reusable. Ebay sellers use mailing boxes a lot as it increases their positive feedback because the items reach the buyer with no damage and therefore increases their sales due to their higher feedback score against other sellers who don’t ship their products using strong packaging like mailing boxes.

As mailbox is made from corrugated cardboard it is recyclable & degradable. Look for mailing boxes that are 100% made from recycled material for the best environmentally sustainable solution.

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