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Turn Off Files Indexing to Speed Up Windows XP

Windows XP Search Just for your information, Windows XP keeps a record of all files on the hard disk, so when you do a search on the hard drive it is faster.

There is a downside to this service and because the computer has to index all files, it will slow down normal file commands like open, close, etc.

If you do not do a whole lot of searches on your hard drive then I suggest turning this feature off.

This is the way you can do to turn off files indexing to speed up your Windows XP:
  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Go to Administrative Tools
  3. Click on Services
  4. Scroll down on right column and find Indexing Service
  5. Right click and choose Properties
  6. Change the Startup Type to Disable value.
  7. Close all opened dialog box.

It's done now ;)

Mom Blog Published @ 2014 by Ipietoon