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Acobay is a brand new and unique social network site. Just like others community, you can stay connected with your friends. At Acobay, people share their hobbies and get connected with each other by their interest such as movies they love, books they read, pets they have, and so on. Then people who have the same in interest can interact and give personalized recommendation each one and the other.

t’s really nice and amazing can share more about book there. There are a lot of people join at Book network. Not only that, Acobay give me more choice. I can promote my own blog by sharing at Acobay. So my traffic here being increase with Acobay. Because more stuff I share, the more people I connect and the better Acobay works for me.

I put in my phone for example. Here’s an example of Acobay’s networking stuff map for cell-phones (mobile phones to the rest of us). When I put in my mobile my only criticism is that it wanted to know the exact model and how much I paid for it. I wasn’t sure of either so I kind of made it up. It would have been better with an I don’t know option perhaps.

Acobay looks as if it might be interesting or useful for connecting with others who have the same stuff. As a Beta it’s bound to have some quirks though. It’s not likely to take me away from blogging but I will keep an eye on it in case Stuff networking is the next big thing in social networking.

Share knowledge, experience on the world IT hoby or criticism about the world game, definitely fun to share with our friends, at this time we can join the social network site. This social network will allow us to have more friends and enjoy sharing. If you are interested in the movie, you can join at Movie network. You’ll be able to find subtopics that you can choose which you like. Now you can meet new friends, exchange information, express opinions, and many other things.

Acobay is a new social network site that allows us to share and connect with people from all over the world on “Stuff” that we buy or use every day. Acobay have an interesting concept, where members share “stuff” and is connected to one another, a lot of places visited, Acobay members will discuss about the latest movies or older movies, and also a member Acobay talk about games, and many can we in Acobay.

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