Beans, Friends of Bile

High cholesterol can not only trigger a blockage in blood vessels, but also can cause abnormalities in the biliary tract. Precipitation of cholesterol that hardens to form gallstones, and usually followed by inflammation and leading to pain in the bile duct.

Researchers from Harvard Medical School said, good fats like nuts monosaturated and polyunsaturated to be able to help us to control blood cholesterol, prevent gallstones, and accelerate the healing of gallbladder surgery. Of the 81,000 women followed for 20 years, found in 7800 women had undergone surgical removal of the gall bladder caused by gallstones.

But in the group of women who ate 500 grams or more of nuts, peanut butter, nuts or other healthy every week, have a risk of gall bladder surgery 25% lower than women.

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