Comparing policies saves you dollars

This last few months has seen all the prices of basic necessities rise. As jobs have come under pressure, the purchasing power of the average household has dropped. Nowhere has the family budget come under greater pressure than with health insurance. All too often, the premiums have been raised (again). This forces yet another tense discussion. Are families to gamble with the health of their children or can other savings be found?

Sad to say, this discussion is no longer restricted to low-income families. A significant number of middle class families are also being forced to make ever more difficult decisions. Decisions to delay diagnosis and treatment until the sickness can be classed as an emergency and justify a hospital visit. If people are to stay insured, they must accept the best terms they can afford. Fortunately, online sites such as this allow people to get comparative information from multiple health insurance companies.Making the choice from the maximum possible number of quotes gives the best chance of savings. So how should you approach this task?

  1. Before you start, write down a list of all the features you would like to see in your ideal policy. This gives you a shopping list to price as you go along. It will almost certainly be too expensive, but it gives you a good starting point.

  2. Always compare quotes on like-for-like policies. If you use several sites to get the maximum spread of quotes, keep notes to ensure you use the same basic set of information about the policy you are seeking, the level of deductibles accepted, and so on.

  3. Never make a decision purely on the premium quoted. Although this is the headline you see first, the devil is in the detail of each policy. You have to be determined and read through all the terms (even the small print). It's vital that you get a clear picture of what is included and excluded, and see what conditions you have to fulfil to make a claim. Even more important is whether you have a right to renew the policy if you make a claim or you are found to have a disorder or disease that is going to be expensive to treat. There is nothing more devastating than to be diagnosed with a chronic illness and then find your insurance premium hiked up to unaffordable levels or renewal declined.

  4. If there is anything you do not understand, ask an agent. Before you accept a quote, insurance companies are helpful and explain things. If you delay asking until you make a claim, this only leads to disappointment and dispute. Take the decision to buy on the basis of the best available information.

By following this simple set of rules, you're taking more positive control of your future, and there's nothing more important than health to give you peace of mind.

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