II New Plurk (Hidden) Emoticons

As my previous post, I've shared Complete List of Plurk Emoticons Code. Which maybe by somebody looks so screamed (yay)

And now, I want to share II New Plurk (Hidden) Emoticons. Yes, they are hidden from official tools and you won't find them in your Plurk's post tool. But, sure they really exist if you write manually the code and you need to invite for 10 peoples to join Plurk first to use the codes.

(aha) (aha) (gaha) (gaha) (whatever) (whatever) (gwhatever) (gwhatever) (pokerface) (pokerface) (gpokerface) (gpokerface) (yea) (yea) (gyea) (gyea) (jazzhands) (jazzhands)

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