Difficult to do it sincere?

What is most difficult in the way of life in a human?

If I allow them to express, for me the most difficult is sincere, how sincere? before I go and why, I will get you to the understanding of his (sincere).

Sincere understanding of some sources that I read, that is sincere:
  • Solely because of God's aims during the adherence
  • Want to clean up the practice of looking for human attention
  • People that are not even considering all the reverence and respect missing from her and move to other people, because you want to repair his heart only to God alone

As its single-minded is easy, easy in oral and written, but difficult in the act or acts is, why in simple oral and written? why oral, tongue, because man is spineless, he was able to say what that will be better, and why any posts as oral, finger'll write any posts this beautiful, but she does not understand why any posts that have to be in writing.

If in this world who are saying there are single-minded and able to apply them in the act there is only 1000:1

secuil asa digenggaman perlahan tak berbekas di sapu bayu. kini permadani itu benar - benar tak berubah tetap menjadi buih

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genial said...

keep the faith......!

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